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  1. Necrosulfonamide 200mg

    Catalog No. A16334-200
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  2. Verapamil

    Catalog No. A12679
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    Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker and a potent and orally active first-generation P-glycoprotein (P-gp) inhibitor. Learn More
  3. Formoterol Impurity G HCl

    Catalog No. A20735
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  4. Sulfamethoxazole sodium

    Catalog No. A17452
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    Sulfamethoxazole sodium is an antibiotic used for bacterial infections. Learn More
  5. Ranitidine

    Catalog No. A17721
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    Ranitidine is a potent, selective and orally active histamine H2-receptor antagonist with an IC50 of 3.3 μM that inhibits gastric secretion. Learn More
  6. Remimazolam

    Catalog No. A22200
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    benzodiazepine derivative drug
    Remimazolam, also known as CNS-7056, is a benzodiazepine derivative drug, developed by PAION, in collaboration with Japanese licensee Ono Pharmaceutical as an alternative to the short-acting imidazobenzodiazepine midazolam, for use in induction of anaesthesia and conscious sedation for minor invasive procedures. Learn More
  7. Pemafibrate

    Catalog No. A22201
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    PPAR alpha agonist
    Pemafibrate, also known as (R)-K 13675, is a PPAR alpha agonist. Learn More
  8. Durlobactam sodium

    Catalog No. A13801
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    beta-lactamase inhibitor drug candidate
    Durlobactam, also known as ETX2514, is a beta-lactamase inhibitor drug candidate. Learn More
  9. Ozogamicin

    Catalog No. A12672
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    antibody-drug conjugate Linker
    Ozogamicin is an antibody-drug conjugate Linker. Learn More
  10. Dehydroascorbic acid

    Catalog No. A12366
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    potent cerebroprotection
    Dehydroascorbic acid, a blood-brain barrier transportable form of vitamin C, mediates potent cerebroprotection in experimental stroke. Learn More
  11. Emedastine

    Catalog No. A22158
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    histamine H1 receptor antagonist
    Emedastine is an orally active, selective and high affinity histamine H1 receptor antagonist with a Ki value of 1.3 nM. Learn More
  12. Laninamivir octanoate

    Catalog No. A22166
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    neuraminidase (NA) inhibitor
    Laninamivir octanoate (CS-8958), a prodrug of Laninamivir, is a long-acting neuraminidase (NA) inhibitor with anti-influenza virus activity. Learn More
  13. Lycorine

    Catalog No. A22170
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    SCAP inhibitor
    Lycorine is a natural alkaloid extracted from the Amaryllidaceae plant. Lycorine is a potent and orally active SCAP inhibitor with a Kd value 15.24 nM. Learn More
  14. Gentiopicroside

    Catalog No. A22172
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    antianti-inflammatoryand antioxidative effects
    Gentiopicroside, a naturally occurring iridoid glycoside, inhibits P450 activity, with an IC50 and a Ki of 61 ?M and 22.8 ?M for CYP2A6; Gentiopicroside has antianti-inflammatoryand antioxidative effects. Learn More
  15. Eleutheroside B1

    Catalog No. A22173
    Quick View
    anti-human influenza virus efficacy
    Eleutheroside B1, a coumarin compound, has a wide spectrum of anti-human influenza virus efficacy, with an IC50 value of 64-125 ?g/ml. Antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities. Learn More
  16. Oxyberberin

    Catalog No. A22175
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    natural alkaloid
    Berlambine is a natural alkaloid isolated from many plants. Learn More
  17. BIO-013077-01

    Catalog No. A22185
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    antagonist of the TGFbeta family type I receptors, Alk5 and/or Alk4
    BIO-013077-01, Novel potent antagonist of the TGFbeta family type I receptors, Alk5 and/or Alk4. Learn More
  18. Thiambutosine

    Catalog No. A22187
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    candidate for treatment of lepromatous leprosy
    Thiambutosine was a candidate for treatment of lepromatous leprosy. Learn More
  19. LY2828360

    Catalog No. A22228
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    cannabinoid (CB2) agonist
    LY2828360 is a slowly acting but efficacious G protein-biased cannabinoid (CB2) agonist, inhibiting cAMP accumulation and activating ERK1/2 signaling. Learn More
  20. KN-93 phosphate

    Catalog No. A22229
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    membrane-permeant synthetic inhibitor
    KN-93 phosphate is a novel membrane-permeant synthetic inhibitor of purified neuronal CaMK-II, with Ki of 370 nM. Learn More
  21. Cl-amidine TFA

    Catalog No. A22235
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    peptidylarginine deminase (PAD) inhibitor
    Cl-amidine TFA is an orally active peptidylarginine deminase (PAD) inhibitor, with IC50 values of 0.8 μM, 6.2 μM and 5.9 μM for PAD1, PAD3, and PAD4, respectively. Learn More
  22. DS-1001b

    Catalog No. A22236
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    mutant IDH-1 inhibitor
    DS-1001b is a mutant IDH-1 (Isocitrate Dehydrogenase-1) inhibitor extracted from patent WO2016052697A1, Example 168, and has antitumor activity. Learn More
  23. ML254

    Catalog No. A22242
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    Positive Allosteric Modulators (PAMs)
    ML-254, also known as VU0430644; is Positive Allosteric Modulators (PAMs) of mGlu5 with Competitive MPEP-Site Interaction. Learn More
  24. CRT5

    Catalog No. A22245
    Quick View
    PKD inhibitor
    CRT5 (CRT0066051), a pyrazine benzamide, is a potent and selective PKD inhibitor with IC50 of 1 nM, 2 nM, and 1.5 nM for PKD1, PKD2, and PKD3, respectively. Learn More
  25. TAE-1

    Catalog No. A22246
    Quick View
    inhibitor of amyloid-β fibril formation and aggregation
    TAE-1 is an inhibitor of amyloid-β fibril formation and aggregation. TAE-1 inhibits cholinesterases AChE and BuChE with IC50 of 0.3 μM and 3.9 μM, respectively. Learn More
  26. Enocyanin

    Catalog No. A18660
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    anthocyanin extracted from grapes
    Enocyanin is an anthocyanin extracted from grapes. Enocyanin shows inhibitory effect on the leucine aminopeptidase, acid phosphatase, γ-glutamyl transpeptidase and esterase activity. Learn More
  27. Triphala

    Catalog No. A16067
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    Anti-adipogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-neoplastic activities
    Triphala, an Ayurvedic polyherbal formulation comprising of equiproportional fruit parts of Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica, and Phyllanthus emblica. Triphala inhibits NF-κB activation. Triphala exerts antifungal action. Anti-adipogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-neoplastic activities. Learn More
  28. Adenosine deaminase

    Catalog No. A19330
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    Adenosine deaminase is an enzyme that catalyzes the irreversible deamination of adenosine and 2'-deoxyadenosine to inosine and 2'-deoxyinosine, respectively. Learn More
  29. Chitosan oligosaccharide

    Catalog No. A20304
    Quick View
    Chitosan oligosaccharide (COS) is an oligomer of β-(1??4)-linked D-glucosamine. Chitosan oligosaccharide (COS) activates AMPK and inhibits inflammatory signaling pathways including NF-κB and MAPK pathways. Learn More
  30. Hypotaurine

    Catalog No. A20590
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    Hypotaurine (2-aminoethanesulfinic acid), an intermediate in taurine biosynthesis from cysteine in astrocytes, is an endogenous inhibitory amino acid of the glycine receptor. Learn More
  31. Hyaluronidase

    Catalog No. A18232
    Quick View
    local anesthetic additive
    Hyaluronidase (Hyaluronate 4-glycanohydrolase; Hyaluronoglucosaminidase) is a naturally occurring enzyme that depolymerizes hyaluronic acid by cleavage of glycosidic bonds and has been used as a local anesthetic additive. Learn More
  32. HM-43239

    Catalog No. A20826
    Quick View
    FLT3 inhibitor
    HM-43239 is a Novel Potent Small Molecule FLT3 Inhibitor, in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) with FMS-like Tyrosine Kinase 3 (FLT3) Mutations Learn More
  33. Cinnamylamine

    Catalog No. A20835
    Quick View
    Cinnamylamine can be used for the preparation of Tranylcypromine, a drug that acts as a nonselective and irreversible inhibitor of the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO), and is used as an antidepressant and anxiolytic agent. Learn More
  34. Peptide 401

    Catalog No. A13913
    Quick View
    Peptide 401, a potent mast cell degranulating factor from bee venom, suppresses the increased vascular permeability due to intradermal injection of various smooth muscle spasmogens (histamine, and 5-HT). Learn More
  35. Exendin-4

    Catalog No. A21580
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    glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist
    Exendin-4 (Exenatide), a 39 amino acid peptide, is a long-acting glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist with an IC50 of 3.22 nM. Learn More
  36. Apilimod mesylate

    Catalog No. A22049
    Quick View
    IL-12/IL-23 inhibitor
    Apilimod (STA 5326) mesylate is a potent IL-12/IL-23 inhibitor, and strongly inhibits IL-12 with IC50s of 1 nM and 2 nM, in IFN-γ/SAC-stimulated human PBMCs and SAC-treated monkey PBMCs, respectively. Learn More
  37. Sulopenem

    Catalog No. A22051
    Quick View
    beta-lactamase inhibitor
    Sulopenem (CP-70429) is an orally active, potent inhibitor of beta-lactamase. Sulopenem is a parenteral penem antibiotic with broad-spectrum activities against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Learn More
  38. TLR4-IN-C34

    Catalog No. A22057
    Quick View
    TLR4 inhibitor
    TLR4-IN-C34 is an orally active TLR4 inhibitor and reduces systemic inflammation in models of endotoxemia and necrotizing enterocolitis. Learn More
  39. H-β-Ala-AMC TFA

    Catalog No. A22059
    Quick View
    substrate for aminopeptidase
    H-β-Ala-AMC TFA is a substrate for aminopeptidase. Learn More
  40. Filastatin

    Catalog No. A22063
    Quick View
    Candida albicans filamentation inhibitor
    Filastatin is a long-lasting inhibitor of Candida albicans filamentation. Filastatin inhibits adhesion by multiple pathogenic Candida species with an IC50 of ~3 μM in the GFP-based adhesion assay. Learn More
  41. Neuraminidase-IN-1

    Catalog No. A22065
    Quick View
    neuraminidase inhibitor
    Neuraminidase-IN-1 is a neuraminidase inhibitor, with an IC50 of 0.21 μM. Neuraminidase-IN-1 has excellent activity against H1N1 influenza virus. Learn More
  42. BAY 2416964

    Catalog No. A22067
    Quick View
    aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) antagonist
    BAY 2416964 is a potent and orally active aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) antagonist extracted from patent WO2018146010A1, example 192, has an IC50 of 341 nM. BAY 2416964 has the potential for solid tumors treatment. Learn More
  43. HS-243

    Catalog No. A22071
    Quick View
    transforming growth factor-?beta kinase inhibitor
    HS-243 is an inhibitor of transforming growth factor-?beta kinase. HS-243 can be used in treatment of cancer, malaria, inflammatory and other TAK1-?mediated diseases. Learn More
  44. PF9601N

    Catalog No. A22075
    Quick View
    monoamine oxidase B inhibitor
    PF9601N is a selective and potent monoamine oxidase B inhibitor that exhibit anti-Parkinsonian effects in several models of PD. Learn More
  45. BMS453

    Catalog No. A22082
    Quick View
    RARβ agonist
    BMS453 (BMS-189453), a synthetic retinoid, is a RARβ agonist and a RARα/RARγ antagonist. Learn More
  46. GW280264X

    Catalog No. A22087
    Quick View
    ADAM17 inhibitor
    GW280264X is an ADAM17 inhibitor. Learn More
  47. YM26734

    Catalog No. A22091
    Quick View
    rabbit platelet sPLA2 inhibitor
    YM-26734 is a rabbit platelet sPLA2 inhibitor that has been used to ameliorate local inflammatory responses in TPA-induced mouse ear edema. Learn More
  48. CYM 2503

    Catalog No. A22092
    Quick View
    positive allosteric modulator (PAM)
    CYM2503 is a positive allosteric modulator (PAM) of the GAL2 receptor that potentiates galanin-induced IP1 production in vitro. Learn More
  49. MCC950

    Catalog No. A22097
    Quick View
    inhibitor of NLRP3 (NOD-like receptor (NLR) family
    MCC950 (CP-456773, CRID3) is a potent and selective inhibitor of NLRP3 (NOD-like receptor (NLR) family, pyrin domain-containing protein 3) with IC50 of 7.5 nM and 8.1 nM in BMDMs and HMDMs, respectively. Learn More
  50. BPU-11

    Catalog No. A22101
    Quick View
    HCN4 CLP ligand
    BPU-11 is a HCN4 CLP ligand. It acts by modulating channel function and completely abolishing the cAMP-induced shift in V1/2. Learn More

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