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  1. 9-Phenanthrol

    Catalog No. A17570
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    TRPM4 blocker
    Selective TRPM4 blocker (IC50 = 20 μM in HEK293 cells). Exhibits no effect on CFTR or TRPM5 (at 0.25 and 1 mM respectively). Abolishes arrhythmias induced by hypoxia in a mouse heart model. Learn More
  2. Sograzepide

    Catalog No. A22020
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    Gastrin/CCK-B antagonist
    Sograzepide (Netazepide; YF 476; YM-220) is an extremely potent , highly selective and orally active Gastrin/CCK-B antagonist with an IC50 value of 0.1 nM, has inhibitory effect on Gastrin/CCK-A activity with an IC50 of 502 nM. Learn More
  3. PAβN dihydrochloride

    Catalog No. A22016
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    efflux pump inhibitor
    PAβN dihydrochloride (MC-207110 dihydrochloride) is an efflux pump inhibitor. Learn More
  4. Pridopidine

    Catalog No. A22009
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    D2R antagonist
    Pridopidine, a dopamine (DA) stabilizer, acts as a low affinity dopamine D2 receptor (D2R) antagonist. Learn More
  5. Amphethinile

    Catalog No. A20814
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    anti-tubulin agent
    Amphethinile is an anti-tubulin agent. The affinity constant for the association (Ka) of Amphethinile with tubulin is 1.3 μM. Learn More
  6. MPDC

    Catalog No. A20806
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    Na+-dependent glutamate transporter inhibitor
    MPDC is a potent and competitive inhibitor of the Na+-dependent high-affinity glutamate transporter in forebrain synaptosomes. Learn More
  7. FK-448 Free base

    Catalog No. A20798
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    chymotrypsin inhibitor
    FK-448 Free base is an effective and specific inhibitor of chymotrypsin, with an IC50 of 720 nM. Learn More
  8. Diroximel fumarate

    Catalog No. A20797
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    Diroximel fumarate (DRF) is a prodrug of monomethyl fumarate in a controlled-release formulation that rapidly and efficiently converts to MMF in the body. Learn More
  9. Ribocil

    Catalog No. A20761
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    Ribocil is a highly selective chemical modulator of bacterial riboflavin riboswitches. Ribocil strongly inhibits GFP expression, achieving a 50% effective concentration (EC50) of 0.3 μM. Learn More
  10. MB-07344

    Catalog No. A20748
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    TR-β agonist
    MB-07344 is a thyroid hormone receptor (TR)-β agonist with a binding affinity Ki of 2.17 nM. Learn More
  11. Seladelpar

    Catalog No. A20744
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    PPAR-δ agonist
    Seladelpar (MBX-8025) is an orally active, potent (50% effect concentration EC50 2 nM), and specific PPAR-δ agonist. Learn More
  12. Perzinfotel

    Catalog No. A20708
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    NMDA receptor antagonist
    Perzinfotel (EAA-090) is a potent, selective, and competitive NMDA receptor antagonist with neuroprotective effects. Perzinfotel (EAA-090) shows high affinity (IC50=30 nM) for the glutamate site. Learn More
  13. CS-003 Free base

    Catalog No. A20704
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    triple tachykinin receptor antagonist
    CS-003 Free base (CS-003), a triple tachykinin receptor antagonist, shows high affinities for human (Neurokinin) NK1, NK2 and NK3 receptors with Ki values of 2.3 nM, 0.54 nM and 0.74 nM, respectively. Learn More
  14. NSC23005 sodium

    Catalog No. A20665
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    p18 inhibitor
    NSC23005 sodium is a novel and effective p18 inhibitor (ED50=5.21 nM) in promoting Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) expansion in both murine and human models. Learn More
  15. Acoziborole

    Catalog No. A20642
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    Acoziborole (SCYX-7158) is an effective, safe and orally active treatment for human african trypanosomiasis (HAT). In the T. b. brucei S427 strain, the MIC value for SCYX-7158 is 0.6 ?g/mL. Learn More
  16. JTK-853

    Catalog No. A20639
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    HCV polymerase inhibitor
    JTK-853 is a novel, non-nucleoside Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) polymerase inhibitor which shows effective antiviral activity in HCV replicon cells with EC50s of 0.38 and 0.035 ?M in genotype 1a H77 and 1b Con1 strains, respectively. Learn More
  17. Pleconaril

    Catalog No. A20630
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    capsid inhibitor
    Pleconaril is a capsid inhibitor used previously to treat enterovirus infections. Pleconaril is effective in inhibiting replication with an IC50 of 50 nM. Learn More
  18. Asparagusic acid

    Catalog No. A20607
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    Asparagusic acid (1,2-dithiolane-4-carboxylic acid) is unique to asparagus. The compound is responsible for the odorous urine excreted after eating asparagus. Its derivatives ihydroasparagusic acid have anti-inflammatory effect. Learn More
  19. 3-Bromopyruvic acid

    Catalog No. A20605
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    hexokinase II inhibitor
    3-Bromopyruvic acid is a hexokinase II inhibitor, is an effective antitumor agent on the hepatoma cells. Learn More
  20. (S)-ML753286

    Catalog No. A20588
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    BCRP inhibitor
    (S)-ML753286 is a breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.6 μM on BCRP efflux transporter. Learn More
  21. KI696

    Catalog No. A20570
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    KEAP1/NRF2 interaction inhibitor
    KI696 is a high affinity probe that disrupts the Keap1/NRF2 interaction. KI696 is a potent and selective inhibitor of the KEAP1/NRF2 interaction. Learn More
  22. PCO371

    Catalog No. A20493
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    PTHR1 agonist
    PCO371 is an orally active full agonist of parathyroid hormone receptor 1 (PTHR1), with no effect on PTH type 2 receptor. Learn More
  23. Oxaquin

    Catalog No. A20486
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    Oxaquin (MCB-3837) is a water-soluble, injectable prodrug that is rapidly converted to the active sub-stance MCB3681 in vivo following intravenous (i.v.) administration, active against Gram-positive bacterial species. Oxaquin (MCB-3837) itself has no antimicrobial effects. Learn More
  24. Cadazolid

    Catalog No. A20481
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    oxazolidinone antibiotic
    Cadazolid (ACT-179811) is a new oxazolidinone antibiotic with potent activity against Clostridium difficile. Learn More
  25. LSD1-IN-5

    Catalog No. A20479
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    LSD1 inhibitor
    LSD1-IN-5 (Compound 4e) is a potent and reversible inhibitor of lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1), with an IC50 of 121 nM. LSD1-IN-5 increases dimethylated Lys4 of histone H3, shows no effect on expression of LSD1. Learn More
  26. LSD1-IN-6

    Catalog No. A20474
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    LSD1 inhibitor
    LSD1-IN-6 (Compound 4m) is a potent and reversible inhibitor of lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1), with an IC50 of 123 nM. LSD1-IN-6 increases dimethylated Lys4 of histone H3, shows no effect on expression of LSD1. Learn More
  27. (-)-(S)-Equol

    Catalog No. A20465
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    (-)-(S)-Equol is a high affinity ligand for estrogen receptor β with a Ki of 0.73 nM. Learn More
  28. TCS-OX2-29

    Catalog No. A20457
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    OX2R antagonist
    TCS-OX2-29 is a potent, high affinities and selective orexin-2 receptor (OX2R) antagonist with an IC50 value of 40 nM and a pKI value of 7.5. TCS-OX2-29 displays ~250-fold selectivity for OX2 over OX1. Learn More
  29. Bisantrene

    Catalog No. A20419
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    Bisantrene is a highly effective antitumor drug, targets eukaryotic type II topoisomerases. Learn More
  30. GGTI298

    Catalog No. A20418
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    GGTase I inhibitor
    GGTI298 is a CAAZ peptidomimetic geranylgeranyltransferase I (GGTase I) inhibitor, strongly inhibiting the processing of geranylgeranylated Rap1A with little effect on processing of farnesylated Ha-Ras, with IC50 values of 3 and > 20 μM in vivo, respectively. Learn More
  31. BMS-986020

    Catalog No. A20393
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    LPA1 antagonist
    BMS-986020 is a high-affinity lysophosphatidic acid receptor 1 (LPA1) antagonist. Learn More
  32. CC-885

    Catalog No. A20352
    Quick View
    cereblon (CRBN) modulator
    CC-885 is a cereblon (CRBN) modulator with potent anti-tumour activity. Learn More
  33. SYM 2081

    Catalog No. A20332
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    kainate receptors agonist
    SYM 2081 is a high-affinity ligand and potent, selective agonist of kainate receptors, inhibits [3H]-kainate binding with an IC50 of 35 nM, almost 3000- and 200-fold selectivity for kainate receptors over AMPA and NMDA receptors respectively. Learn More
  34. 5-HT1A modulator 1

    Catalog No. A20319
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    5-HT1A modulator
    5-HT1A modulator 1 displays very high affinities for the 5HT1A, adrenergic α1 and dopamine D2 receptor with IC50s of 2 ±0.3 nM, 10 ± 3 nM and 40 ±9 nM, respectively. Learn More
  35. BI-3812

    Catalog No. A20311
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    BCL6 inhibitor
    BI-3812 is potent and efficacious BCL6 inhibitor, inhibiting the BTB domain of BCL6, with an IC50 of ??3 nM; BI-3812 has antitumor activity. Learn More
  36. JAK-IN-4

    Catalog No. A20230
    Quick View
    JAK inhibitor
    JAK-IN-4 is a prodrug of a JAK inhibitor, effective in murine collagen induced arthritis model. Learn More
  37. G-744

    Catalog No. A20227
    Quick View
    Btk inhibitor
    G-744 is a highly potent, selective and orally active Btk inhibitor with an IC50 of 2 nM. G-744 is metabolically stable, well tolerated and efficacious to treat arthritis. Learn More
  38. CDK9-IN-8

    Catalog No. A20196
    Quick View
    CDK9 inhibitor
    CDK9-IN-8 is a highly effective and selective CDK9 inhibitor with an IC50 of 12 nM. Learn More
  39. Oral antiplatelet agent 1

    Catalog No. A20188
    Quick View
    Oral antiplatelet agent 1 is a potent antiplatelet agent with an IC50 of 2.94 μM in vitro as well as antithrombotic efficacy in a rat model. P2Y receptor antagonist. Learn More
  40. BLM-IN-1

    Catalog No. A20178
    Quick View
    BLM inhibitor
    BLM-IN-1 (compound 29) is an effective Bloom syndrome protein (BLM) inhibitor, with a strong BLM binding KD of 1.81 μM and an IC50 of 0.95 μM for BLM. Learn More
  41. GPR40/FFAR1 modulator 1

    Catalog No. A20129
    Quick View
    GPR40/FFAR1 agonist
    GPR40/FFAR1 modulator 1 is an agonist and an allosteric modulator for Gq-coupled free fatty acid receptor 1 (GPR40/FFAR1). Learn More
  42. STAT5-IN-2

    Catalog No. A20126
    Quick View
    STAT5 inhibitor
    STAT5-IN-2 is a STAT5 inhibitor with EC50s of 9 μM and 5 μM in K562 and KU812 cells, respectively. Potent antileukemic effect. Learn More
  43. TMPyP4 tosylate

    Catalog No. A20124
    Quick View
    telomerase inhibitor
    TMPyP4 tosylate (TMP 1363) is a telomerase inhibitor with antitumor effects in osteosarcoma cell lines. Learn More
  44. CS-722 Free base

    Catalog No. A20119
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    CS-722 Free base is a synthesized centrally acting muscle relaxant, and has a muscle relaxant activity and depressant effectson the spinal reflex. Learn More
  45. PROTAC BET-binding moiety 1

    Catalog No. A20112
    Quick View
    PROTAC BET-binding moiety 1 is a key intermediate for the synthesis of high-affinity BET inhibitors. Learn More
  46. MS4078

    Catalog No. A20089
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    ALK PROTAC degrader
    MS4078 is an anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) PROTAC (degrader) with a Kd of 19?nM for binding affinity to ALK. Learn More
  47. MS4077

    Catalog No. A20077
    Quick View
    ALK PROTAC degrader
    MS4077 is an anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) PROTAC (degrader) with a Kd of 37?nM for binding affinity to ALK. Learn More
  48. P-gp modulator 1

    Catalog No. A20054
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    Pgp modulator
    P-gp modulator 1 is a high affinity, orally available modulator of P-glycoprotein (Pgp), can reverse the Pgp-mediated multidrug resistance ((MDR). Learn More
  49. EBI-2511

    Catalog No. A20050
    Quick View
    EZH2 inhibitor
    EBI-2511 is a highly potent and orally active EZH2 inhibitor, with an IC50 of 6 nM in Pfeffiera cell lines, respectively. Learn More
  50. RO 4938581

    Catalog No. A20022
    Quick View
    GABAA α5 inverse agonist
    RO 4938581 is a potent and selective GABAA α5 inverse agonist, with a Ki of 4.6 nM for GABAA α5β3γ2a, and shows a lower affinity at α1β3γ2a, α2β3γ2a, α3β3γ2a (Ki, 174, 185, 80 nM, respectively). Learn More

Items 1 to 50 of 974 total

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