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  1. LGD-6972

    Catalog No. A21840
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    glucagon receptor antagonist
    LGD-6972 is a glucagon receptor antagonist. Learn More
  2. LG 100268

    Catalog No. A14127
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    RXR agonist
    LG 100268 is a potent RXR agonist for evaluation in the treatment of non-insulin-dependent (type II) diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). Learn More
  3. 2,3-Diaminopropionic acid

    Catalog No. A19153
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    2, 3-Diaminopropionic acid is a metabolite of b-oxalyl-L-a, b-diaminopropionic acid a neurotoxic amino acid (ODAP). Learn More
  4. Dihydrofolic acid

    Catalog No. A18650
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    Dihydrofolic acid is a folic acid derivative acted upon by dihydrofolate reductase to produce tetrahydrofolic acid. Learn More
  5. Bexarotene (LGD1069)

    Catalog No. A11094
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    Retinoid X Receptor Ligand
    Bexarotene is a highly selective retinoid X receptor (RXR) agonist. Learn More
  6. TRAF-STOP inhibitor 6877002

    Catalog No. A19758
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    CD40-TRAF6 interaction inhibitor
    TRAF-STOP inhibitor 6877002, is a selective inhibitor of CD40-TRAF6 interaction, compound VII, shows inhibition of NF-κB activation in RAW cells, extracted from patent WO2014033122A1. Learn More
  7. Bedaquiline fumarate

    Catalog No. A17444
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    Bedaquiline fumarate, a diarylquinoline antibiotic that targets ATP synthase, is effective for the treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections. Learn More
  8. PF-05180999

    Catalog No. A13006
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    PDE2A inhibitor
    PF-05180999 is a phosphodiesterase 2A (PDE2A) inhibitor, with an IC50 of 1.6 nM. Learn More
  9. FKBP1A Human

    Catalog No. AP4033
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    FK506 Binding Protein 1A Human Recombinant Learn More
  10. VHL Human

    Catalog No. AP1889
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    Von Hippel-Lindau Protein Human Recombinant Learn More
  11. AZD4017

    Catalog No. A13542
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    HSD1 inhibitor
    AZD4017 is a potent, selective, and orally bioavailable11b-HSD1 inhibitor (11b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 inhibitor). Learn More
  12. NHS-Biotin

    Catalog No. A14033
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    NHS-Biotin compound is membrane-permeable and useful for intracellular labeling. Learn More

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