A 83-01Catalog No. A12358

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A83-01 is a TGF-β kinase/activin receptor like kinase (ALK5) inhibitor.
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A 83-01

A 83-01  Citations(8)
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  • Product Information
    Catalog Num A12358
    M. Wt 421.52
    Formula C25H19N5S
    Solubility DMSO
    Purity >98%
    Storage at -20°C 3 years Powder
    CAS No. 909910-43-6
    Synonyms A83-01, A-83-01
    SMILES Code CC1=CC=CC(=N1)C2=NN(C=C2C3=CC=NC4=CC=CC=C34)C(=S)NC5=CC=CC=C5

    Biological activity
    A83-01 is a TGF-β kinase/activin receptor like kinase (ALK5) inhibitor.
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