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All 'Chymotrypsin-like proteasome' Products

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A11145 SALE

CEP-18770 (Delanzomib)

Proteasome inhibitor
CEP-18770 is a novel orally active proteasome inhibitor with a favorable tumor selectivity profile for the treatment of MM and other malignancies responsive to proteasome inhibition.


reversible proteasome inhibitor
PI-1840 is a novel noncovalent and rapidly reversible proteasome inhibitor with anti-tumor activity.


Proteasome inhibitor‎
VR23 is a small molecule that potently inhibited the activities of trypsin-like proteasomes (IC50 = 1 nM), chymotrypsin-like proteasomes (IC50 = 50-100 nM), and caspase-like proteasomes (IC50 = 3uM).

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