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MDM2 inhibitor
AMG 232 is a highly potent, selective and orally bioavailable piperidinone inhibitor of the MDM2-p53 interaction((SPR KD= 0.045 nM, SJSA-1 EdU IC50=9.1 nM).

Idasanutlin (RG7388)

MDM2/p53 Inhibitor
Idasanutlin is a potent and selective p53-MDM2 inhibitor.
A10491 SALE

JNJ 26854165

p53 activator
JNJ-26854165 is one of p53-activating agents and synergizes with AraC or doxorubicin to induce p53-mediated apoptosis and may provide a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of acute leukemias.

MDM2 Inhibitor

MDM2 inhibitor
MDM2 Inhibitor is a cell-permeable boranyl-chalcone exhibiting strong binding to MDM2 and irreversibly disrupts the MDM2/p53 protein complex.


MDM2 inhibitor
MI-773 is an orally available MDM2 antagonist with Ki of 0.88 nM.


p53 inducer
MIRA-1 restores wild-type conformation, function and DNA binding activity to mutant p53. Induces p53 transcriptional transactivation of p21, MDM2 and PUMA.

NSC 146109 hydrochloride

p53 activator
NSC 146109 hydrochloride is a cell-permeable, genotype-selective antitumor agent that activates p53-dependent transcription.
A12930 SALE

NSC 319726

p53R175 activator
NSC 319726 is a potent and selective activator of mutant p53R175

NSC-207895 (XI-006)

MDMX Inhibitor

NSC207895 is a cell-permeable benzofuroxan compound that downregulates the p53 negative regulator MDMX protein level in MCF-7, LNCaP, and A549 cells (1 to 10 µM for 16 to 24 h) by suppressesing MDMX promoter transcription activity (IC50 = 2.5 µM in HT1080 cells), leading to enhanced p53 stabilization and activation.



P53 Activator
NSC59984 induces mutant p53 protein degradation via MDM2 and the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. The EC50 of NSC59984 in most cancer cells is significantly lower than those of normal cells, with EC50 of 8.38 uM for p53-null HCT116 cells.
A11501 SALE

Nutlin 3a

MDM2 inhibitor
Nutlin 3a is a potent inhibitor of MDM2 (mouse double minute 2) binding to p53 that induces the expression of p53 regulated genes, and shows potent antiproliferative activity in cells expressing functional p53.

Nutlin 3b

MDM2 inhibitor
Nutlin 3b is a p53/MDM2 antagonist or inhibitor with IC50 value of 13.6 uM, 150-fold less potent (+)-enantiomer of Nutlin-3 as in comparison with opposite (-)-enantiomer Nutlin-3a.

p53 and MDM2 proteins-interaction-inhibitor chiral

p53-MDM2 interaction inhibitor
p53 and MDM2 proteins-interaction-inhibitor chiral is an inhibitor of the interaction between p53 and MDM2 proteins.

p53 and MDM2 proteins-interaction-inhibitor racemic

p53-MDM2 interaction inhibitor
p53 and MDM2 proteins-interaction-inhibitor racemic is an inhibitor of the interaction between p53 and MDM2 proteins.

PhiKan 083

p53 stabilizer
PhiKan 083, p53 stabilizing agent; preferentially binds mutated (Y220C) p53 over wild-type p53 at a site distinct from functional DNA/protein interaction regions.
A12451 SALE


p53 inhibitor
Pifithrin-a is a reversible inhibitor of p53-mediated apoptosis and p53-dependent gene transcription such as cyclin G, p21/waf1, and mdm2 expression.
A12450 SALE


p53 Inhibitor
Pifithrin-beta is a small molecule inhibitor of p53.


p53 inhibitor
inhibits p53 binding to mitochondria by reducing its affinity for antiapoptotic proteins Bcl-2 and Bcl-XL.


p53 reactivator
PRIMA-1 is a small molecule identified for its p53 reactivating effect.

RETRA hydrochloride

mutant p53 Reactivator
RETRA hydrochloride is an antitumor agent which inhibits tumor cell growth in a mutant p53- and p73-dependent manner in vitro and iin vivo.
A11931 SALE

RITA (NSC 652287)

p53 activator
RITA, also referred to as NSC 652287, is a trycyclic thiophene derivative that binds to MDM2, disrupting the MDM2-p53 complex and subsequently activating p53 and inducing apoptosis.


p53 activator
Tenovin-1 is a small molecule activator of p53 transcriptional activity that protects against MDM2-mediated p53 degradation.


p53 activator
A12305 SALE


p53 activator
Tenovin-6 is a analog of tenovin-1. Tenovin-6 inhibits the protein deacetylase activities of purified human SIRT1, SIRT2, and SIRT3 in vitro with IC50 values of 21, 10, and 67 uM, respectively.

WR 1065

P53/p21waf-1/MDM2 activator
WR 1065, a dephosphorylated metabolite of amifostine (Ethyol), can protect against the immediate and delayed effects of radiation exposure.


Mdm2 inhibitor
YH239-EE is a potent p53-MDM2 antagonist and an apoptosis inducer.

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