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  1. cationic lipid

    DLin-KC2-DMA is useful cationic lipid for siRNA delivery.
  2. Cholesteryl oleate is a cholesteryl ester.
  3. DLinDMA is a key lipid component of stable nucleic acid lipid particles as a benchmark.
  4. siRNA delivery vehicle

    D-Lin-MC3-DMA, an ionizable cationic lipid, is a potent siRNA delivery vehicle.
  5. DPPC is a zwitterionic phosphoglyceride that can be used for the preparation of liposomal monolayers.
  6. 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylethanolamine (DSPE) is a phosphoethanolamine (PE) lipid that can be used in the synthesis of liposomes.
  7. SM-102 is an ionizable amino lipid that has been used in combination with other lipids in the formation of lipid nanoparticles.

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