Farnesyl Transferase

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  1. FTase inhibitor

    Tipifarnib (Zarnestra) is a farnesyltransferase inhibitor that inhibits the Ras kinase in a post translational modification step before the kinase pathway becomes hyperactive.
  2. FPTase inhibitor

    Lonafarnib (SCH 66336) is a selectively FPTase inhibitor for H-ras, K-ras-4B and N-ras with IC50 of 1.9 nM, 5.2 nM and 2.8 nM, respectively.
  3. FTase inhibitor

    FTI 276 is an inhibitor that inhibits farnesyltransferase (FTase) (IC50 = 0.5 nM). Inhibits H-Ras and K-Ras processing in whole cells (IC50 values are 0.1 and 10 μM respectively) and disrupts constitutive H-Ras-specific actvation of MAPK. Causes significant antiproliferative effects in human malignant glioma cells and many other tumor cell lines.
  4. squalene synthetase inhibitor

    YM-53601 free base is a squalene synthetase inhibitor which suppresses lipogenic biosynthesis and lipid secretion in rodents.
  5. squalene synthase inhibitor

    RPR107393 free base is a selective squalene synthase inhibitor, which inhibits rat liver microsomal squalene synthase with an IC50 of 0.8??0.2 nM.
  6. FTase inhibitor

    LB42708 is a potent, orally active and selective nonpeptidic farnesyltransferase inhibitor (FTase inhibitor).
  7. FTase Inhibitor

    FTI-277 HCl is an inhibitor of farnesyl transferase (FTase); a highly potent Ras CAAX peptidomimetic which antagonizes both H- and K-Ras oncogenic signaling.
  8. FPTase inhibitor

    L-778123 HCl is an inhibitor of FPTase and GGPTase-I with IC50 of 2 nM and 98 nM in enzyme inhibition determination.
  9. FT/GGT dual inhibitor

    FGTI-2734 is a RAS C-terminal mimetic dual farnesyl transferase (FT) and geranylgeranyl transferase-1 (GGT) inhibitor with IC50s of 250 nM and 520 nM for FT and GGT, respectively.
  10. PFT inhibitor

    FTI-276 is a protein farnesyl transferase (PFT) inhibitor with IC50s of 0.9 and 0.5 nM for Plasmodium falciparum and human.
  11. Farnesyl transferase inhibitor

    BMS-214662 is a potent and selective farnesyl transferase inhibitor with potent antitumor activity with an IC50 of 1.35 nM.
  12. Arglabin is a sesquiterpene gamma-lactone is isolated from Artemisia glabella; anticancer natural compound.
  13. FTase inhibitor

    Tipifarnib S enantiomer is the S-enantiomer of Tipifarnib. Tipifarnib is a potent and specific farnesyltransferase (FTase) inhibitor with IC50 of 0.6 nM. Tipifarnib S enantiomer is the less active isomer.
  14. Farnesyltransferase inhibitor

    CP-609754, also known as CP-609,754, LNK 754 and OSI 754, is a potent farnesyltransferase inhibitor with potential anticancer activity.

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