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  1. HIV Entry Inhibitor

    BMS-806, also known as BMS-378806 , is a type of medicine called an entry inhibitor. Entry inhibitors work by blocking HIV from entering human cells. BMS-378806 (BMS-806) is a small molecule that blocks the binding of host-cell CD4 with viral gp120 protein and therefore inhibits the first steps of HIV-1 infection.
  2. Cynarin is a phenolic compound found in artichoke. It has antioxidant and choleretic properties. It is a potential immunosuppressive agent.
  3. Ecto-5'-Nucleotidase (CD73) inhibitor

    PSB-12379 is a potent Ecto-5'-Nucleotidase (CD73) inhibitor with Kis of 9.03 nM (rat) and 2.21 nM (human).
  4. NQ301 is an antithrombotic agent; inhibits collagen-challenged rabbit platelet aggregation with an IC50 of 10 mg/mL.
  5. gp120/CD4 inhibitor

    YYA-021 is a CD4-mimic HIV entry inhibitor.
  6. T cell receptor inhibitor

    AX-024 is an cytokine release inhibitor which can strongly inhibit the production of interleukin-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor-α (TNFα), interferon-γ (IFN-γ), IL-10 and IL-17A.
  7. Adenosine receptor agonist

    NECA is a high-affinity adenosine receptor agonist (Ki values are 6.2, 14, and 20 nM for human A3, A1 and A2A receptors respectively; EC50 = 2.4 μM for human A2B).
  8. TNF receptor inhibitor

    AX-024 is an orally available inhibitor of the TCR-Nck interaction that selectively inhibits TCR-triggered T cell activation (IC50 value 1 nM). Inhibiting an immediate TCR signal has promise for treating a broad spectrum of human T cell-mediated autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
  9. CD73 inhibitor

    AB-680 is highly potent, reversible and selective small molecule inhibitor of CD73 (an ecto-nucleotidase), with a Ki of 4.9 pM for hCD73, displays >10,000-fold selectivity over related ecto-nucleotidases CD39. Anti-tumor activity.
  10. CD38 inhibitor

    CD38 inhibitor 1 (compound 78c) is a potent CD38 inhibitor with IC50s of 7.3 nM and 1.9 nM for hCD38 and mouse CD38.
  11. NTPDase inhibitor

    Sodium metatungstate (POM-1) is a potent ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase (NTPDase) inhibitor, with Ki values of 2.58 μM, 3.26 μM, and 28.8 μM for NTPDase 1, NTPDase 3 and NTPDase 2 respectively.
  12. CD73 inhibitor

    CD73-IN-1 is an inhibitor of CD73 which can be used in the treatment of cancer extracted from patent WO 2017153952 A1, example 80.
  13. CD73 inhibitor

    MethADP is a specific CD73 inhibitor.
  14. CD73 inhibitor

    MethADP (sodium salt) is a specific CD73 inhibitor.
  15. selective C5aR antagonist

    Avacopan (CCX168) is an orally administered and selective C5a receptor (C5aR) antagonist.
  16. CD73 Inhibitor

    LY-3475070 is a potent and selective CD73 Inhibitor with IC50 of 28 nM.
  17. PMX-53 (3D53) is a synthetic peptidic and a potent and orally active complement C5a receptor (CD88) antagonist with an IC50 of 20 nM. PMX-53 is also a low-affinity MrgX2 agonist that stimulates MrgX2-mediated mast cell degranulation. PMX-53 specifically binds to C5aR1 and does not bind to the second C5aR (C5L2) and C3aR. PMX-53 has anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antiatherosclerotic effects.

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