Apelin Receptors

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  1. Apelin Receptor activator

    (Glp1)-Apelin-13 is an activator of Apelin Receptor
  2. apelin agonist

    Apelin agonist 1 is an oral selective apelin agonist AM-2995, a agonist of the APJ (APLNR, angiotensin receptor like-1) receptor, may be used in the treatment of cardiovascular conditions.
  3. apelin receptor agonist

    MM 07 is a biased apelin receptor agonist, with a KD of 300 nM in CHO-K1 cells and a KD of 172 nM in human heart.
  4. APJ functional antagonist

    ML221 is a potent apelin (APJ) functional antagonist, inhibiting apelin-13-mediated activation of APJ, with IC50s of 0.70 μM in the cAMP assay, and 1.75 μM in the β-arrestin assay, and EC80 of 10 nM in both assays.
  5. APJ agonist

    CMF019 is a potent and small molecule agonist at Apelin receptor (APJ) with G protein bias.
  6. Azelaprag (Example 263.0) is an apelin receptor agonist drug candidate.
  7. ELA-21 (human) is an apelin receptor agonist with a pKi of 8.52. ELA-21 (human) completely inhibits Forskolin-induced cAMP production and stimulates β-arrestin recruitment with subnanomolar potencies. ELA-21 (human) is an agonist in G-protein-dependent and -independent pathways.

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