Chloride Channels

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  1. Ivermectin is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic avermectin medicine.
  2. CFTR activator

    VX-770 (Ivacaftor) is known as a CFTR potentiator.
  3. Cl- transport inhibitor

    H100 is a Cl- transport inhibitor, with partial effects against both the NaK2Cl cotransporter and the Band 3 anion exchanger, but no effect against KCl cotransporter, in human erythrocytes.
  4. CaCC blocker

    Talniflumate is a calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) (hCLCA1/mCLCA3) blocker; reduces mucin synthesis and release in cell culture and animal models.
  5. CaCCs Inhibitor

    CaCCinh-A01 inhibits CaCC currents in human bronchial and intestinal cells. Also inhibits TMEM16A channels (IC50 = 2.1 uM, in TMEM16A-expressing FRT cells).
  6. TMEM16A Inhibitor

    T16Ainh-A01 is a selective TMEM16A calcium-activated chloride channel inhibitor that strongly inhibits chloride current in salivary gland cells.
  7. CaCC activator

    Eact activates the Calcium-activated Chloride channel (CaCC) TMEM16A CaCC.
  8. chloride channel blocker

    NPPB is a chloride channel blocker (IC50 = 80 nM) that has also been identified as a GPR35 agonist.
  9. Meticrane is a diuretic. Meticrane inhibits the reabsorption of sodium and chloride ions in the distal convoluted tubule. Meticrane is used to treat essential hypertension.
  10. Chloride Channel/GABA Receptor blocker

    Picrotoxinin negatively modulate the action of GABA on GABAA receptors.
  11. anion channel inhibitor

    Endovion (NS3728) is a pharmacological anion channel inhibitor (like chloride channel) and the specific VRAC/VSOAC blocker. Endovion (NS3728) is also an Anoctamin-1 (ANO 1) channel inhibitor.
  12. VRAC inhibitor

    DCPIB is a selective, reversible and potent inhibitor of volume-regulated anion channels (VRAC), voltage-dependently activates potassium channels TREK1 and TRAAK, inhibits TRESK, TASK1 and TASK3 (IC50s, 0.14, 0.95, 50.72 μM, respectively).
  13. anion conductance inhibitor

    NS1652 is a reversible anion conductance inhibitor, blocks chloride channel, with an IC50 of 1.6 μM in human and mouse red blood cells.

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