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  1. Vascular Disrupting Agent (VDA)

    DMXAA (ASA404) is a tumor-vascular disrupting agent (tumor-VDA) that attacks the blood supply of a cancerous tumor to cause tumor regression.
  2. Microtubule Inhibitor

    NPI-2358 is a synthetic analog of NPI-2350, a natural product isolated from Aspergillus sp., which depolymerizes microtubules in A549 human lung carcinoma cells.
  3. YAP inhibitor

    Verteporfin is a small molecule that inhibits TEAD?€?YAP association and YAP-induced liver overgrowth. It is also a potent second-generation photosensitizing agent derived from porphyrin.
  4. VDA

    Oxi4503 is a novel vascular targeting agent that effects on blood flow and antitumor activity in comparison to combretastatin A-4 phosphate.

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