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  1. MEK1/2 inhibitor

    AS703026 is a novel, selective, orally bioavailable MEK1/2 inhibitor that inhibits growth and survival of MM cells and cytokine-induced osteoclast differentiation.
  2. MEK Inhibitor

    AZD8330 is a novel, selective, non-ATP competitive MEK 1/2 inhibitor with IC50 of 7 nM. Phase 1.
  3. MEK5 inhibitor

    BIX02188 is a potent and selective inhibitor of MEK5.
  4. MEK inhibitor

    BIX 02189 is a selective dual MEK5 and ERK5 (or BMK1) kinase inhibitor, with IC50 values of 1.5, 59, 580 and >6200 nM for MEK5, ERK5, TGFbR1 and other closely related kinases respectively.
  5. MEK1/2 inhibitor

    PD184352 (CI-1040) is an ATP non-competitive MEK1/2 inhibitor with IC50 of 17 nM in cell-based assays, 100-fold more selective for MEK1/2 than MEK5. Phase 2.
  6. MEK inhibitor

    PD0325901 is MEK inhibitor and non-competitive with ATP, Kiapp of 1 nM against activated MEK1 and MEK2.
  7. MEK inhibitor

    AZD6244 (Selumetinib) also known as Selumetinib, ARRY142886, AZD-6244 & ARRY-142886 is MEK 1/2 inhibitor with GI50 values ranging from 14 to 50 nm.
  8. Antiangiogenic and Antitumor Agent

    Honokiol is a lignan present in the cones, bark, and leaves of Magnolia grandiflora that has shown pro-apoptotic effects in melanoma, sarcoma, myeloma, leukemia, bladder, lung, prostate, oral squamous cell carcinoma and colon cancer cell lines.
  9. MEK Inhibitor

    PD318088 is an inhibitor of MEK1 AND MEK2.
  10. MEK Inhibitor

    PD98059 is an equipotent antagonist of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase.
  11. MEK inhibitor

    U0126-EtOH is an inhibitor of both MEK1 and MEK2 with an IC50 of 72 nM and 58 nM respectively.
  12. MEK Inhibitor

    GSK1120212 (JTP-74057) strongly prevented the activities of MEK1 and MEK2 kinases rather than activities of other 98 kinases.
  13. MEK Inhibitor

    TAK-733 is an orally bioavailable small-molecule inhibitor of MEK1 and MEK2 (MEK1/2) with potential antineoplastic activity.
  14. MEK1/2 inhibitor

    RO4927350 a potent and highly selective non-ATP-competitive MEK1/2 inhibitor.
  15. MEK inhibitor

    Refametinib is a potent, ATP non-competitive and highly selective inhibitor of MEK1 and MEK2 with IC50 of 19 nM and 47 nM, respectively.
  16. MEK1 inhibitor

    Cobimetinib (GDC-0973, RG7420) is a potent and highly selective MEK1 inhibitor with IC50 of 4.2 nM, showing more than 100-fold selectively for MEK1 over MEK2 and showed no significant inhibition when tested against a panel of more than 100 of serine-threonine and tyrosine kinases.
  17. MEK1/2 inhibitor

    MEK162 (ARRY-438162) is a potent, selective, ATP uncompetitive inhibitor of MEK1/2.
  18. trans-Zeatin is a member of the plant hormone family known as ??cytokinins??, which regulate cell division, development, and nutrient processing.
  19. MEK1/2 inhibitor

    Refametinib, also known as RDEA119, BAY 86-9766, is an orally bioavailable selective MEK inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity.
  20. MEK1 inhibitor

    GDC-0623 is a potent and ATP-uncompetitive MEK1 inhibitor with Ki of 0.13 nM. Phase 1.
  21. Ras/Raf/MEK inhibitor

    Balamapimod, also known as MKI-822, is a Ras/Raf/MEK inhibitor.
  22. MEK inhibitor

    EBI-1051 is a highly potent and orally efficacious MEK inhibitor with an IC50 of 3.9 nM.
  23. MEK1 inhibitor

    RO4987655 is an orally active small molecule, targeting mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 (MAP2K1 or MEK1), with potential antineoplastic activity.
  24. Hypothemycin is a resorcylic acid lactone polyketide. It was found to inhibit the proliferation of mouse and human T cells stimulated with anti-CD3 mAb + PMA and of human PBMC stimulated with anti-CD3 mAb alone.
  25. Raf/MEK dual inhibitor

    RO5126766, also known as CH5126766, is a protein kinase inhibitor specific for the Raf and MEK mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) with potential anti-neoplastic activity.
  26. MKK/MEK inhibitor

    SL-327 is a selective inhibitor of MEK1 and MEK2 (IC50 values are 0.18 and 0.22 μM respectively); blocks hippocampal LTP in vitro. Brain penetrant in vivo, blocking fear conditioning and learning in rats, and producing neuroprotection in mice, following systemic administration.
  27. MEK inhibitor

    G-479 is an potent MEK inhibitor. G-479 with polarity distributed throughout the molecule was shown improved bioactivity over GDC-0623 in many aspects.
  28. MEK inhibitor

    Cobimetinib is a potent, highly selective inhibitor of MEK1/2.
  29. MEK inhibitor

    Cobimetinib R-enantiomer is the R-enantiomer of Cobimetinib, which is a potent, highly selective inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase(MEK1/2).
  30. MEK inhibitor

    MEK inhibitor is a potent MEK inhibitor, antitumor agent.
  31. MEK/Aurora Inhibitor

    BI-847325 is an orally bioavailable, and selective dual MEK/Aurora kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 3 nM, 25 nM, 15 nM, 25 nM, and 4 nM for Xenopus laevis Aurora B, human Aurora A and Aurora C, as well as human MEK1 and MEK2, respectively. Phase 1.
  32. MEK inhibitor

    PD 198306 is a potent, selective and non-ATP competitive MAPK/ERK-kinase (MEK) inhibitor.
  33. MEK1 inhibitor

    PD 334581 is used in biological studies to evaluate halogen bonding as a novel interaction for rational drug design. It is also an inhibitor of MEK1.
  34. SMYD3/ MEKK2 inhibitor

    EPZ031686 is a noncompetitive inhibitor for SMYD3 and MEKK2 with a Ki=1.2 and 1.1 nM respectively.
  35. MEK1 inhibitor

    Cobimetinib hemifumarate is a novel selective MEK1 inhibitor, and the IC50 value against MEK1 is 4.2 nM.
  36. Xanthocillin is a marine agent extracted from Penicillium commune, induces autophagy through inhibition of the MEK/ERK pathway.
  37. MEK5 inhibitor

    GW284543, also known as UNC10225170;, is a potent and selective MEK5 inhibitor with the potential for cancer treatment.
  38. MEK inhibitor

    Trametinib DMSO solvate (GSK-1120212 (DMSO solvate);JTP-74057 (DMSO solvate)) is a potent MEK inhibitor that specifically inhibits MEK1/2, with an IC50 value of about 2 nM.
  39. dual DLK inhibitor

    GNE-3511 is a dual leucine zipper kinase (DLK) inhibitor with a Ki of 0.5 nM.
  40. ALK/MET inhibitor

    Ensartinib hydrochloride (X-396 hydrochloride) is a potent and dual ALK/MET inhibitor with IC50s of <0.4 nM and 0.74 nM, respectively.
  41. MEK5 inhibitor

    BIX02189 is a potent and selective MEK5 inhibitor with an IC50 of 1.5 nM. BIX02189 also inhibits ERK5 catalytic activity with an IC50 of 59 nM.
  42. MEK inhibitor

    PD184161 is an orally-active MEK inhibitor.
  43. MEK inhibitor

    NSC 80538 (1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-3-(4-fluorophenyl)thiourea) is an inhibitor of MEK Kinase PB1 Domains in Multiplex HTS Assay.

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