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  1. p97 inhibitor

    NMS-873 is a potent and specific small molecule allosteric inhibitor of the ATPase VCP/p97 (IC50 ~0.03 uM), identified by a high-throughput screening.
  2. p97 ATPase inhibitor

    Dbeq is a selective and reversible inhibitor of p97 ATPase (IC50 = 1.5 uM).
  3. p97 inhibitor

    CB-5083 is a novel first in class, potent orally bio-available p97 inhibitor that disrupts cellular protein homeostasis and demonstrates anti-tumor activity in solid and hematological models .
  4. p97 ATPase inhibitor

    ML241 is a potent and selective inhibitors of p97 ATPase. ML241 inhibit p97 ATPase with IC(50) values of 100 nM.
  5. p97/VPS4B inhibitor

    MSC1094308 is a reversible and allosteric inhibitor of the type II AAA ATPase human ubiquitin-directed unfoldase (VCP)/p97 and the type I AAA ATPase VPS4B, with IC50 values of 0.71 μM and 7.2 μM for VPS4B and p97, respectively.
  6. p97 inhibitor

    ML240 is a potent p97 inhibitor, inhibiting p97 ATPase with IC50 value of 100 nM.
  7. VCP (p97) inhibitor

    NMS-859 is a potent, covalent VCP (p97) inhibitor, with IC50s of 0.37 and 0.36 μM for wild-type VCP in the presence of 60 μM and 1 mM ATP in cells, respectively.

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