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  1. Oct4 Activator

    OAC1 enhances iPSC reprogramming efficiency by enhancing Oct4 and Nanog driven gene expression.
  2. Oct3/4 Inducer

    O4I1 increases Oct3/4 mRNA levels in HEK293 cells by 2.5- and 4-fold at 10 uM and 20 uM, respectively.
  3. Oct4 activator

    OAC2 is an Oct4-activating compound which activates expression through the Oct4 gene promoter.
  4. Oct3/4 inducer

    O4I2 is a potent inducers of Oct3/4. O4I2 showed high activity in enforcing Oct3/4 expression. O4I2 is a new class of small molecules suitable for iPSC generation.

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