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  1. JNK inhibitor

    SP600125 is a JNK inhibitor with IC50=40 nM for JNK-1 and JNK-2 and 90 nM for JNK-3.
  2. SAPKs/JNKs activator

    Anisomycin is a pyrrolidine antibiotic, acts as an anti-fungal antibiotic which inhibits Protein Synthesis, also is a potent activator of SAPKs/JNKs.
  3. JNK inhibitor

    AEG 3482 is a small-molecule inhibitor of Jun kinase (JNK)-dependent apoptosis.
  4. JNK inhibitor

    AS 602801 is a novel, orally active, Jun Kinase Inhibitor.
  5. JNK inhibitor

    CC-401 is a second generation ATP-competitive anthrapyrazolone c-Jun N terminal kinase (JNK) inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity.
  6. JNK Inhibitor IX

    TCS JNK 5a is a highly selective inhibitor of JNK2 and JNK3 (pIC50 values are 6.7, 6.5, <5.0 and <4.8 for JNK3, JNK2, JNK1 and p38?? respectively).
  7. JNK Inhibitor

    JNK-IN-8 is the first irreversible JNK inhibitor for JNK1, JNK2 and JNK4 with IC50 of 4.7 nM, 18.7 nM and 1 nM, respectively
  8. JNK inhibitor

    CC-930 is kinetically competitive with ATP in the JNK-dependent phosphorylation of the protein substrate c-Jun and potent against all isoforms of JNK (Ki(JNK1) = 44 ?? 3 nM, IC50(JNK1) = 61 nM, Ki(JNK2) = 6.2 ?? 0.6 nM, IC50(JNK2) = 5 nM, IC50(JNK3) = 5 nM) and selective against MAP kinases ERK1 and p38a with IC50 of 0.48 and 3.4 μM respectively
  9. JNK inhibitor

    CEP-1347 is an inhibitor of c-jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) signaling. It rescues motor neurons undergoing apoptosis (EC50 = 20 nM).
  10. JNK inhibitor

    BI-78D3 is a competitive JNK (c-Jun N-terminal kinases) inhibitor (IC50 = 280 nM) that displays > 100 fold selectivity over p38α and no activity at mTOR and PI-3K. BI 78D3 inhibits JIP1(JNK interacting protein 1)-JNK binding (IC50 = 500 nM).
  11. JNK inhibitor

    CC-401 hydrochloride is a second generation ATP-competitive anthrapyrazolone c-Jun N terminal kinase (JNK) inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity.
  12. JNK1 inhibitor

    DB07268 is a potent and selective JNK1 inhibitor with an IC50 value of 9 nM.
  13. JNK Inhibitor

    JNK-IN-7 is a relatively selective JNKs inhibitor(IC50= 1.54/1.99/0.75 for JNK1/2/3); also bound to IRAK1, PIK3C3, PIP5K3 and PIP4K2C.
  14. MKK4-dependent macropinocytotic Activator

    Vacquinol-1 is an MKK4 activator, which rapidly and selectively induces glioma cell death.
  15. JNK3 inhibitor

    SR 3576 is a highly potent and selective JNK3 inhibitor (IC50 = 7 nM); exhibits > 2800-fold selectivity over p38.
  16. JNK3 inhibitor

    IQ 3 is a selective JNK3 inhibitor (Kd values are 66, 240 and 290 nM for JNK3, JNK1 and JNK2 respectively). Inhibits NF-kB/AP1 transcriptional activity in THP1-Blue cells (IC50 = 1.4 μM). Also inhibits TNF-α and IL-6 production in vitro.
  17. JNK inhibitor

    SU 3327 is a selective inhibitor of JNK (c-Jun N-terminal kinase)(IC50 = 0.7uM). SU 3327 is shown to inhibit the protein-protein interaction between JNK and JIP (IC50 = 239 nM).
  18. JNK inhibitor

    JIP-1 (153-163) is a peptide inhibitor of c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK), based on residues 153-163 of JNK-interacting protein-1 (JIP-1). Binds to JNK with affinity in the micromolar range and minimally inhibits p38 and ERK.
  19. JNK inhibitor

    c-JUN peptide is a peptide comprising residues 33 - 57 of the JNK binding (δ) domain of human c-Jun.
  20. JNK inhibitor

    TCS JNK 6o is a ATP-competitive and selective c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) inhibitor.
  21. JNK inhibitor

    DTP3 is a selective GADD45β/MKK7 inhibitor, which inhibits cancer-selective NF-kB survival pathway.
  22. JNK3 inhibitor

    IQ-1S is a Selective JNK3 inhibitor with IC50 value of 390, 360 and 87 nM for JNK1, 2 and 3 respectively.
  23. Guggulsterone is a plant sterol derived from the gum resin of the tree Commiphora wightii. Guggulsterone inhibits the growth of a wide variety of tumor cells and induces apoptosis through down regulation of antiapoptotic gene products (IAP1, xIAP, Bfl-1/A1, Bcl-2, cFLIP and survivin), modulation of cell cycle proteins (cyclin D1 and c-Myc), activation of caspases and JNK, inhibition of Akt.
  24. cell-permeable JNK Inhibitor

    AS601245 is a cell-permeable JNK Inhibitor with IC50s of 150, 220, and 70 nM for three JNK human isoforms (hJNK1, hJNK2, and hJNK3), respectively.
  25. Autophagy inducer

    Tomatidine hydrochloride acts as an anti-inflammatory agent by blocking NF-κB and JNK signaling. Tomatidine hydrochloride activates autophagy either in mammal cells or C elegans.
  26. NF-κB inhibitor

    Urolithin B is one of the gut microbial metabolites of ellagitannins, and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Urolithin B is also a regulator of skeletal muscle mass.
  27. antiinflammation agent

    Ginsenoside Re (Ginsenoside B2) is an extract from Panax notoginseng. Ginsenoside Re decreases the β-amyloid protein (Aβ). Ginsenoside Re plays a role in antiinflammation through inhibition of JNK and NF-κB.
  28. JNK inhibitor

    CC-90001 is a potent and selective JNK inhibitor. CC-90001 shows 12.9-fold selectivity for JNK1 over JNK2 in a cell-based model. CC-90001 can be used for the research of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

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