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  1. ACAT/SOAT inhibitor

    YM 750 is reported to act as a SOAT (acyl-CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase, ACAT) inhibitor.
  2. CPT-1 irreversible inhibitor

    Etomoxir is an inhibitor of carnitine palmitoyltransferase A (CPT1), which is required for the oxidation of long-chain acyl CoA esters. Also a strong inhibitor of mitochondrial CPT1 and a candidate as an anti-diabetic drug.
  3. MGAT3 inhibitor

    PF-06471553 is a potent, selective and orally available monoacylglycerol acyltransferase 3 (MGAT3) inhibitor, with an IC50 of 92 nM.
  4. ACAT1 Inhibitor

    ATR-101 is in clinical development for the treatment of adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC).
  5. ACAT/SOAT inhibitor

    VULM 1457 is an Acyl-CoA: cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT) or SOAT inhibitor. VULM 1457 decreases cholesterol levels in the liver and plasma.
  6. ACAT/SOAT inhibitor

    CI 976 is a trimethoxy fatty acid anilide inhibitor of liver and intestinal acyl coenzyme A cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT) and sterol O-acyltransferase (SOAT). Cl 976 lowers non-high density lipoprotein (non-HDL) cholesterol and increases HDL-cholesterol concentrations.
  7. ACAT inhibitor

    Cyclandelate is an effective inhibitor of rat hepatic acycloenzyme A: cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT) with IC50 of 80 μM.
  8. Ghrelin O-acyltransferase (GOAT) inhibitor

    GOAT-IN-1 is an inhibitor of ghrelin O-acyltransferase (GOAT), which could be useful for the prophylaxis or treatment of obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, metabolic, non-alcoholic fatty liver, steatohepatitis, sarcopenia, appetite control, alcohol/narcotic dependence, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cerebrovascular dementia, cerebral apoplexy, cerebral infarction, cardic disease, some kind of tumors.
  9. ACAT inhibitor

    FR-190809 is a potent, nonadrenotoxic, orally efficacious ACAT inhibitor.
  10. OGT inhibitor

    OSMI-4 is a low nanomolar O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT) inhibitor, with an EC50 of 3 μM in cells.
  11. ACAT inhibitor

    RP 70676 is a potent inhibitor of ACAT, with IC50 of 25 and 44 nM for rat and rabbit ACAT.
  12. MGAT2 inhibitor

    MGAT2-IN-1 is an orally active inhibitor of monoacylglycerol acyltransferase (MGAT2) with IC50 of 7.8 and 2.4 nM for human and mouse MGAT2, respectively.
  13. ACAT inhibitor

    ACAT-IN-1 cis isomer is a potent ACAT inhibitor with an IC50 of 100 nM.
  14. acyl CoA inhibitor

    YM17E is an inhibitor of acyl CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT), with IC50 of 44 nM in rabbit liver microsomes in vitro.
  15. ACAT inhibitor

    RP 73163 Racemate is the racemate of RP 73163. RP 73163 is a potent ACAT inhibitor, with cholesterol lowering activity.
  16. ACAT inhibitor

    E-5324 is potent inhibitor of acyl-CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT) with IC50s of 44 to 190 nM.
  17. RP-64477 is a potent inhibitor of the cholesterol esterifying enzyme Acyl-coenzyme A:cholesterol O-acyltransferase (ACAT).
  18. ACAT1 inhibitor

    Nevanimibe hydrochloride (PD-132301 hydrochloride; ATR101 hydrochloride) is a selective and potent acyl-coenzyme A:cholesterol O-acyltransferase 1 (ACAT1) inhibitor with an EC50 of 9 nM.
  19. ACAT-1 inhibitor

    K-604 dihydrochloride is a potent and selective acyl-CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase 1 (ACAT-1) inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.45??0.06 μM.

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