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  1. Proteasome inhibitor

    Bortezomib is a highly selective, reversible inhibitor of the 26S proteasome
  2. Proteasome Inhibitor

    MLN2238 is a potent reversible and specific β5 site of the 20S proteasome inhibitor with an IC50 value of 3.4 nM.
  3. Proteasome Inhibitor

    Ixazomib Citrate (MLN9708) Analogue is a proteasome inhibitor, which inhibits the activity of the proteasome, blocking the targeted proteolysis normally performed by the proteasome.

  4. Proteasome inhibitor

    MG-132 is a potent cell-permeable inhibitor of proteasome (IC50 = 100 nM) and calpain (IC50 = 1.2 μM).
  5. Proteasome inhibitor

    CEP-18770 is a novel orally active proteasome inhibitor with a favorable tumor selectivity profile for the treatment of MM and other malignancies responsive to proteasome inhibition.
  6. Proteasome inhibitor

    PR-171 (Carfilzomib) is a tetrapeptide epoxyketone and a selective proteasome inhibitor. It is an analog of epoxomicin.
  7. Reversible Proteasome Inhibitor

    MG-115 is a potent, reversible peptide aldehyde inhibitor of proteasome chymotrypsin-like and caspase-like activities. It induces p53 dependent apoptosis.
  8. NF-kB inhibitor/Proteasome activator

    18α-Glycyrrhetinic acid (18α-GA) is a bioactive triterpenoid found in licorice. It shows selective inhibition of 11-HSD1 (11-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1).
  9. Proteasome inhibitor

    MG-262, a boronic peptide acid, is a potent proteasome inhibitor that selectively and reversibly inhibits the chymotryptic activity of the proteasome.
  10. proteasome inhibitor

    Proteasome-IN-1 is a proteasome inhibitor extracted from patent WO 2013142376 A1.
  11. Proteasome inhibitor

    RA190, a bis-benzylidine piperidon, inhibits proteasome function by covalently binding to cysteine 88 of ubiquitin receptor RPN13.
  12. Immunoproteasome inhibitor

    ONX 0914 is an immunoproteasome inhibitor with potential treatment applications in autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and lupus. ONX 0914 was designed to be a potent inhibitor of the immunoproteasome with minimal cross-reactivity for the constitutive proteasome.
  13. Proteasome inhibitor

    Epoxomicin is a potent anti-tumor agent isolated from Actinomycetes that is used as a selective and irreversible inhibitor of the 20S proteasome.
  14. proteasome inhibitor

    Lactacystin is a cell-permeable, potent and selective proteasome inhibitor.
  15. Proteasome inhibitor?€?

    VR23 is a small molecule that potently inhibited the activities of trypsin-like proteasomes (IC50 = 1 nM), chymotrypsin-like proteasomes (IC50 = 50-100 nM), and caspase-like proteasomes (IC50 = 3uM).
  16. 20S proteasome inhibitor

    Gliotoxin is an immunosuppressive mycotoxin produced by pathogenic strains of Aspergillus and other fungi.
  17. Proteasome Inhibitor

    Marizomib is a naturally-occurring salinosporamide, isolated from the marine actinomycete Salinospora tropica, with potential antineoplastic activity.
  18. Proteasome inhibitor

    PSI is a proteasome inhibitor that inhibits chymotrypsin-like activity of the proteasome.
  19. reversible proteasome inhibitor

    PI-1840 is a novel noncovalent and rapidly reversible proteasome inhibitor with anti-tumor activity.
  20. Proteasome inhibitor

    ONX 0912 is a tripeptide epoxyketone, which inhibits growth and induces apoptosis in MM cells resistant to conventional and bortezomib therapies.
  21. 20S proteasome inhibitor

    Aclarubicin A, an anthracycline drug, specific inhibitor of the 20S proteasome chymotrypsin-like activity.
  22. 20S proteasome inhibitor

    AM 114, a derivative of boronic chalcone, is a potent small-molecule inhibitor of the proteasome that inhibits the chymotrypsin-like activity of the 20S proteasome, with a value of 50% inhibition concentration IC50 of approximately 1 uM, resulting in a significant accumulation of ubiquitinated p53 and other cellular proteins in whole cells without significantly disrupting the interaction of p53 and murine double minute 2 (mdm2) proteins.
  23. Proteasome inhibitor

    Dihydroeponemycin is an inhibitor of proteasome and antitumor reagent.
  24. 20S proteasome inhibitor

    Clasto-lactacystin b-lactone was later identified as the active metabolite of lactacystin, resulting from the elimination of cysteine and the formation of a reactive b-lactone.
  25. 20S proteasome inhibitor

    Ixazomib citrate (MLN9708) is a reversible inhibitor of the chymotrypsin-like proteolytic β5 site of the 20S proteasome with an IC50 of 3.4 nM and a Ki of 0.93 nM.
  26. Calpain activator

    Isovalerylcarnitine is a product of the catabolism of L-leucine. It increases calpain activity.
  27. proteasome β1i (LMP2) subunit inhibitor

    ML604440 is a potent, specific and cell permeable proteasome β1i (LMP2) subunit inhibitor.
  28. LMP2 inhibitor

    KZR-504 is a highly selective inhibitor of immunoproteasome low molecular mass polypeptide 2 (LMP2), with IC50s of 51 nM, 4.274 μM for LMP2 and LMP7, respectively. KZR-504 is of interest for the treatment of autoimmune disease.
  29. alpains 1 and 2 inhibitor

    Alicapistat (ABT-957) is an orally active selective inhibitor of human calpains 1 and 2 for the potential use in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD).
  30. proteasome isopeptidase Rpn11 inhibitor

    Capzimin is a potent and moderately specific proteasome isopeptidase Rpn11 inhibitor.
  31. LMP7 inhibitor

    LMP7-IN-1 is an inhibitor of immunoproteasome (LMP7), may used in the research of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, proliferative diseases and cancer.
  32. proteasome subunit Rpn11 inhibitor

    Rpn11-IN-1 (Capzimin intermediate) is a potent and selective inhibitor of proteasome subunit Rpn11 with an IC50 of 390 nM.
  33. chymotrypsin inhibitor

    FK-448 Free base is an effective and specific inhibitor of chymotrypsin, with an IC50 of 720 nM.
  34. proteasome inhibitor

    (R)-MG-132 ((S,R,S)-(-)-MG-132) is the enantiomer of MG-132. (R)-MG-132 is a proteasome inhibitor with weaker cell cytotoxicity than MG-132. (R)-MG-132 stereoisomer is a more potent proteasome inhibitor than MG-132.
  35. proteasome inhibitor

    DD1 is a proteasome inhibitor that induces human myeloid tumor-selective apoptosis.
  36. Tomatine is an glycoalkaloid that occurs in the extract of leaves of wild tomato plants. It has been found to inhibit the growth of various fungi and bacteria. It is used as a precipitating agent for steroids.

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