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  1. TGR5 agonist

    SB756050 is a selective TGR5 agonist currently in phase 1clinical trials for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  2. TGR5(GPCR19) agonist

    TGR5 Receptor Agonist is a potent TGR5(GPCR19) agonist, showed improved potency in the U2-OS cell assay (pEC50 = 6.8) and in melanophore cells (pEC50 = 7.5).
  3. GPCR19 antagonist

    SBI-115 is a TGR5 (GPCR19) antagonist. SBI-115 decreases hepatic cystogenesis with polycystic liver diseases via inhibiting TGR5.
  4. Sodium deoxycholate is a bile acid formed by bacterial action from cholate. It is usually conjugated with glycine or taurine. Deoxycholic acid acts as a detergent to solubilize fats for intestinal absorption, is reabsorbed itself, and is used as a choleretic and detergent.
  5. GPBAR1 agonist

    BAR501 is a potent and selective agonist of GPBAR1 with an EC50 of 1 μM.
  6. dual FXR and GPBAR1 agonist

    BAR502 is a dual FXR and GPBAR1 agonist with IC50 values of 2 μM and 0.4 μM, respectively.
  7. TGR5 agonist

    INT-777 is a potent TGR5 agonist with an EC50 of 0.82 μM.
  8. dual FXR/TGR5 agonist

    INT-767 is a dual farnesoid X receptor (FXR)/TGR5 agonist with mean EC50s of 30 and 630 nM, respectively.

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