Cannabinoid Receptors

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AB-FUBINACA was first synthesized by Pfizer as a potent CB1 receptor modulator for potential therapeutic use, but recently was identified along with AB-PINACA (Item No. 14038) in illegal herbal products.


CB2 receptor agonist
AM1241 is a selective cannabinoid CB2 receptor agonist with Ki of 3.4 nM, exhibits 82-fold selectivity over CB1 receptor.
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CB1 receptor antagonist
AM251 is a potent CB1 receptor antagonist (IC50 = 8 nM, Ki = 7.49 nM) that displays 306-fold selectivity over CB2 receptors.
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CB2 antagonist
AM630 is a selectivity CB2 antagonist with Ki of 31.2 nM, > 150 fold selectivity over CB1 receptor.

Bay 59-3074

Bay 59-3074 is a novel, selective CB1/CB2 receptor partial agonist with Ki values of 48.3 and 45.5 nM at human CB1 and CB2 receptors respectively .


CB2 receptor ligand
BML-190 is a selective inverse agonist of the human cannabinoid CB2 receptor.

CP 945598 HCl

CB1 antagonist
CP 945598 is a potent and highly selective CB1 antagonist.


CB2 receptor agonist
GW842166X is a selective non-cannabinoid CB2 receptor agonist, which is undergoing clinical development as a novel oral treatment for inflammatory pain
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JWH 133

CB2 agonist
JWH-133 is a potent selective CB2 receptor agonist, with a Ki of 3.4nM and selectivity of around 200x for CB2 over CB1 receptors.

MDA 19

CB2 agonist
MDA 19 is a potent and selective agonist for the cannabinoid receptor CB2, with reasonable selectivity over the psychoactive CB1 receptor.

Org 27569

CB1 modulator‎
Org 27569 is a potent CB1 receptor allosteric modulator (pEC50 = 8.24).
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Rimonabant (SR141716)

Rimonabant is a selective antagonist of CB1 with IC50 of 13.6 nM and EC50 of 17.3 nM in hCB1 transfected HEK 293 membrane.
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UR-144 is a potent synthetic cannabinoid (CB) which preferentially binds the peripheral CB2 receptor (Ki = 1.8 nM) over the central CB1 receptor (Ki = 150 nM).
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WIN 55,212-2 mesylate

CB receptor agonist
WIN 55,212-2 is a potent cannabinoid receptor agonist that has been found to be a potent analgesic in a rat model of neuropathic pain. It activates p42 and p44 MAP kinase via receptor-mediated signaling.

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