Immunology & Inflammation

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Catalog No. Product Name Application Product Information
A12043 SALE


COX-1 inhibitor
(-)-Epicatechin is a natural product from green tea. (-)Epicatechin is an inhibitor of Cox-1
A12434 SALE


COX inhibitor
(S)-(+)-Flurbiprofen is a non-selective Cox-1 and Cox-2 inhibitor.

1400W Dihydrochloride

INOS inhibitor
1400W Dihydrochloride is a slow, tight binding, potent and highly selective inhibitor of inducible nitric oxide synthase (Kd = 7 nM). Selective over nNOS and eNOS (Ki values are 2 and 50 μM respectively). Cell-permeable and active in vivo.
A11692 SALE

Acemetacin (Emflex)

Acemetacin is a glycolic acid ester of indometacin. It is metabolized to indometacin, which then acts as an inhibitor of cyclooxygenase, producing the anti-inflammatory effects.
A10030 SALE


COX inhibitor
A10032 SALE



Acetylcysteine is a pharmaceutical drug and nutritional supplement used primarily as a mucolytic agent and in the management of paracetamol (acetaminophen) overdose. Oral acetylcysteine is also used for the prevention of radiocontrast-induced nephropathy (a form of acute renal failure).



Allopurinol is a purine analog; it is a structural isomer of hypoxanthine (a naturally occurring purine in the body) and is an inhibitor of the enzyme xanthine oxidase.

Allopurinol sodium

Allopurinol is a structural isomer of hypoxanthine (a naturally occurring purine in the body) and is an inhibitor of the enzyme xanthine oxidase.


CCR5 entry inhibitor
Aplaviroc is a CCR5 entry inhibitor developed for the treatment of HIV infection.
A11989 SALE

Apocynin (Acetovanillone)

NADPH-oxidase inhibitor
Apocynin is a NADPH oxidase inhibitor


IL-12/23 inhibitor
APY0201 is a potent and selective IL-12/23 inhibitor.


IL-1 inhibitor
AS101, a potent in vitro and in vivo immunomodulator, is a novel inhibitor of IL-1beta converting enzyme.

Asaraldehyde (Asaronaldehyde)

COX inhibitor
Asaraldehyde is a selective COX-2 inhibitor.

ATB 346

COX2 inhibitor
ATB-346 exhibits anti-inflammatory properties similar to naproxen, but with substantially reduced gastrointestinal toxicity.


ATB-337 is a hybrid molecule of an H2S donor and the NSAID diclofenac

beta-Interleukin I (163-171), human

T cell activator
beta-Interleukin I (163-171), human, a peptide. Interleukins are a group of cytokines (secreted proteins/signaling molecules) that were first seen to be expressed by white blood cells (leukocytes).

Bromfenac sodium

COX-2 inhibitor
Bromfenac sodium is a topically selective cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 inhibitor
A14409 SALE


CCR1 antagonist
BX471 is a potent, selective non-peptide CCR1 antagonist (Ki = 1 nM for human CCR1), exhibits 250-fold selectivity for CCR1 over CCR2, CCR5 and CXCR4.


COX-2 inhibitor
Carprofen reduces inflammation by inhibition of COX-2 and other sources of inflammatory prostaglandins, does not interfere with COX-1 activity.


Nrf2 activator
CDDO-EA is an activator of Nrf2/ARE; Neuroprotective effect.
A10193 SALE


COX inhibitor

Celecoxib is a sulfa non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and selective COX-2 inhibitor used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, acute pain, painful menstruation and menstrual symptoms, and to reduce numbers of colon and rectum polyps in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis.



CCR2/CCR5 inhibitor
Cenicriviroc is an experimental drug candidate for the treatment of HIV infection.Cenicriviroc is an inhibitor of CCR2 and CCR5 receptors, allowing it to function as an entry inhibitor which prevents the virus from entering into a human cell.

Diclofenac sodium

Diclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) taken to reduce inflammation and as an analgesic reducing pain in certain conditions.


COX-2 inhibitor
Etoricoxib specifically binds to and inhibits the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), resulting in inhibition of the conversion of arachidonic acid into prostaglandins. Inhibition of COX-2 may induce apoptosis and inhibit tumor cell proliferation and angiogenesis.
A10382 SALE

Febuxostat (TEI-6720)

xanthine oxidase inhibitor
Febuxostat is a non-purine inhibitor of xanthine oxidase (Ki = 1.2 nM).

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