Cell Metabolism

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Catalog No. Product Name Application Product Information


NAMPT activator
(R)-P7C3-Ome is a methoxy derivative of parent compound P7C3, an aminopropyl carbazole that exhibits antidepressant and neuroprotective activities.
A10010 SALE

17-AAG (KOS953)

HSP90 inhibitor
17-AAG is an ansamycin antibiotic which acts as an anti-tumor agent. Specifically, 17-AAG binds and inhibits Hsp90.
A10011 SALE

17-DMAG HCl (Alvespimycin)

Hsp90 inhibitor
17-DMAG is a water-soluble analog of 17-AAG and geldanamycin that binds the ATP binding site of Hsp90 and inhibits its chaperone activity. Displays more potent antitumor activity than 17-AAG.


Fluorescent P450 substrate
3-Cyano-7-ethoxycoumarin is a fluorogenic substrate suitable for the continuous determination of cytochrome P450 mixed-function monooxygenases. It is a fluorescent probe useful in microsomal dealkylase studies.


Tryptophan hydroxylase inhibitor
4-Chloro-DL-phenylalanine is a selective and irreversible inhibitor of tryptophan hydroxylase, a rate-limiting enzyme in the biosynthesis of serotonin (5-HYDROXYTRYPTAMINE).


Factor Xa inhibitor
5-R-Rivaroxaban is (R) enantiomer of Rivaroxaban. Rivaroxaban is a novel, oral, direct Factor Xa (FXa) inhibitor in late-stage development for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic disorders.


5-lipoxygenase inhibitor
Esculetin, a phenolic compound, acts as a 5-LO (5-lipoxygenase, 5-LOX) inhibitor.

A 922500

DGAT-1 inhibitor

A 922500 is a diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 (DGAT-1) inhibitor (IC50 values are 7 and 24 nM at human and mouse DGAT-1 respectively).

A10020 SALE

Abiraterone (CB-7598)

CYP17 inhibitor
Abiraterone (CB-7598) inhibits 17 α-hydroxylase/C17,20 lyase (CYP17A1), an enzyme which is expressed in testicular, adrenal, and prostatic tumor tissues.
A11058 SALE

Abiraterone Acetate (CB7630)

CYP17 inhibitor
Abiraterone acetate (CB7630) is an orally active acetate ester of the steroidal compound Abiraterone with antiandrogen activity. Abiraterone inhibits 17 α-hydroxylase/C17,20 lyase (CYP17A1).
A13361 SALE


Cytochrome P450 inhibitor
ABT (1-Aminobenzotriazole )is a suicide substrate for (CYP)cytochrome P-450 and chloroperoxidase.


DGAT-1 inhibitor
ABT-046 is a potent, selective, and orally bioavailable Diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 (DGAT-1 ) inhibitor (IC50= 8 nM).
A13878 SALE


NS5B Inhibitor
ABT333 is an NS5B non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitor.


Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor
Acetazolamide, a potent carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitor, is commonly used in clinical practice as an immediate and readily available option for acute reduction of intraocular pressure(IOP).
A10035 SALE


Acitretin is a second generation retinoid and is typically used for psoriasis.
A10038 SALE


Adapalene is a third-generation topical retinoid primarily used in the treatment of mild-moderate acne and is also used (off-label) to treat keratosis pilaris as well as other skin conditions.

Adarotene (ST1926)

Adarotene belongs to the so-called class of atypical retinoids. The presence of the phenolic hydroxyl group on Adarotene structure allows a rapid O-glucuronidation as a major mechanism of elimination of the drug, favoring a fast excretion of its glucuronide metabolite in the urines.


Dehydrogenase Inhibitor
AG-120 is an orally available inhibitor of isocitrate dehydrogenase type 1 (IDH1), with potential antineoplastic activity.
A14386 SALE


IDH1 inhibitor
AG-120 is an orally available inhibitor of isocitrate dehydrogenase type 1 (IDH1), with potential antineoplastic activity.
A12902 SALE

AGI-5198 (IDH-C35)

IDH1 inhibitor
AGI-5198, also know as IDH-C35, is the a very potent and selective mutant IDH1 inhibitor that was shown to potential anticancer activity.


IDH2 R140Q inhibitor
AGI-6780 is a potent, selective inhibitor of mutant IDH2 with an IC50 value of 23 nM.

AGN 194310

pan-RARs agonist
AGN 194310 is a potent and selective pan-RARs agonist with Kd values of 3/2/5 nM for RARα/β/γ respectively.

AGN 195183

RARα agonist
AGN 195183 is a potent and selective agonist of RARα (Kd=3 nM) with improved binding selectivity relative to AGN 193836; no activity on RARβ/γ.

AGN 196996

RARα antagonist
AGN 196996 is a potent and selective RARα antagonist with Ki value of 2 nM; little binding affinity for RARβ(Ki=1087 nM) and RARγ(Ki=8523 nM).

AGN 205327

RAR agonist
AGN 205327 is a potent synthetic RARs agonist with EC50 of 3766/734/32 nM for RARα/β/γ respectively; no inhibition on RXR.

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