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Prostanoid Receptors

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Laropiprant (MK0524)

DP1 inhibitor
Laropiprant is used in combination with niacin to reduce blood cholesterol. Laropiprant acts as a DP1 antagonist, reducing the vasodilation.


Prostaglandin E2 receptor antagonist
TG6-10-1 is a potent and selective antagonist for the prostaglandin E2 receptor subtype EP2.

CP544326 (Taprenepag)

EP2 Agonist‎
C-544326 is a potent and selective prostaglandin E2 receptor agonist with EC50 value of 2.8 nM.


EP2 Receptor antagonist
PF-04418948 is a potent and selective prostaglandin EP2 receptor antagonist with IC50 of 16 nM. Phase 1.


EP4 receptor antagonist
MF498 is a novel and selective E prostanoid receptor 4 (EP4 receptor) antagonist, displayed strong binding affinity for the EP4 receptor with Ki of 0.7 nM,


EP4 receptor antagonist
GW627368 is a novel, potent and selective competitive antagonist of prostanoid EP4 receptor(Ki= 100 nM) with additional human TP receptor affinity(Ki= 150 nM).

Saikosaponin B2

Prostanoid activator
Saikosaponin B2 is a saponin activator.
A13880 SALE

NS-304 (Selexipag)

prostacyclin receptor agonist
NS-304 is a selective prostacyclin IP1 receptor agonist (Ki values are 260 and 2100 nM and for human and rat IP receptors, and >10 μM for EP1-4, DP, FP, and TP receptors).

BAY-u 3405

dual antagonist of TP/DP2
BAY-u 3405 is an approved human medication for the treatment of allergic rhinitis that has documented activity as an antagonist of the thromboxane receptor (TP receptor).

Cloprostenol (sodium salt)

Cloprostenol is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α). It is 200 times and 100 times more potent than PGF2α in terminating pregnancy in hamsters and rats, respectively, without the side effects associated with PGF2α.


EP4 receptor antagonist
MK-2894 is a highly potent and selective second generation EP4 antagonist.
A11742 SALE

Ozagrel hydrochloride

Thromboxane A2 synthesis inhibitor
Ozagrel is an antiplatelet agent working as a thromboxane A2 synthesis inhibitor.

Grapiprant (CJ-023423)

prostaglandin EP4 receptor antagonist
Grapiprant is a novel, potent and selective prostaglandin EP4 receptor antagonist with antihyperalgesic properties.

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