Endothelin Receptors

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  1. RO462005

    Catalog No. A13216
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    endothelin receptor agonist
    RO462005 is an endothelin receptor selective agonist. Learn More
  2. Macitentan

    Catalog No. A11492
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    Endothelin receptor antagonist
    Macitentan is an orally active, non-peptide dual endothelin ETA and ETB receptor antagonist for the potential treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Learn More
  3. Zibotentan (ZD4054)

    Catalog No. A11006
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    ETA-receptor Antagonist
    Zibotentan (ZD4054)is an orally administered, potent and specific ETA-receptor (endothelin A receptor) antagonist (IC50 = 21 nM). Learn More
  4. BQ-123

    Catalog No. A15912
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    ETA receptor antagonist
    BQ-123 is a selective endothelin A receptor (ETA) antagonist with IC50 of 7.3 nM. Phase 2. Learn More
  5. Atrasentan HCl

    Catalog No. A15007
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    Endothelin antagonist receptor
    Atrasentan hydrochloride is an endothelin antagonist receptor (IC50=0.0551 nM, ETA) being developed for the treatment of prostate cancer. Learn More
  6. Endothelin-2, human

    Catalog No. A14894
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    Endothelin-2, human, endogenous peptide found predominately in the kidney and intestine. Displays similar selectivity for ETA and ETB endothelin receptors. Learn More
  7. Atrasentan

    Catalog No. A13779
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    ETA antagonist
    Atrasentan is an experimental drug that is being studied for the treatment of various types of cancer, including non-small cell lung cancer. It is an endothelin receptor antagonist selective for subtype A (ETA). Learn More
  8. BQ-788

    Catalog No. A14369
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    ETBR antagonist
    BQ-788 sodium salt is a selective ETBR (Endothelin receptor B ) antagonist. Learn More
  9. Sitaxsentan sodium (TBC-11251)

    Catalog No. A11564
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    ETA receptor antagonist
    Sitaxentan sodium (TBC-11251) is a selective endothelin receptor-A antagonist with IC50 and Ki of 1.4 nM and 0.43 nM, respectively. Learn More
  10. Avosentan (SPP301)

    Catalog No. A11301
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    Endothelin antagonist
    Avosentan (SPP301) is a potent and highly selective ETA receptor blocker. Learn More
  11. Ambrisentan (BSF 208075)

    Catalog No. A11291
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    EndothelinA receptor antagonist
    Ambrisentan functions as an endothelin receptor antagonist, and is selective for the type A endothelin receptor (ETA). Learn More
  12. Bosentan

    Catalog No. A11091
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    ETAR/ETBR inhibitor
    Bosentan is a competitive antagonist of endothelin-1 at the endothelin-A (ET-A) and endothelin-B (ET-B) receptors. Learn More
  13. Bosentan Hydrate

    Catalog No. A14944
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    ET-A and ET-B antagonist
    Bosentan is an endothelin (ET) receptor antagonist for ET-A and ET-B with Ki of 4.7 nM and 95 nM, respectively. Learn More

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