Catalog No.Inhibitor Name NF-κBOther
A12748QNZ (EVP4593)
A13698Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester
A16306Pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate ammonium
p53,MDM2 ubiquitination,HDAC1

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  1. JSH 23

    Catalog No. A14142
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    NF-κB inhibitor
    JSH 23 is an inhibitor of NF-kB, blocking its translocation into the nucleus (IC50 = 7.1 uM) Learn More
  2. SC75741

    Catalog No. A14278
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    NF-κB inhibitor
    SC75741 is a potent NF-kB inhibitor with EC50 of 200 nM. Learn More
  3. CID-2858522

    Catalog No. A15046
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    NF-κB inhibitor
    CID-2858522 selectively inhibits the NF-κB pathway (IC50 < 0.1 uM for PMA-stimulated IL-8 production) induced by PKC, operating downstream of PKC but upstream of IKKbeta, without inhibiting other NF-kappaB activation pathways. Learn More
  4. (+)-DHMEQ

    Catalog No. A16301
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    NF-kB inhibitor
    The (+)-DHMEQ, the distomer of DHMEQ, is a inhibitor of NF-kB. Learn More
  5. (-)-DHMEQ

    Catalog No. A16302
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    NF-kB inhibitor
    (-)-DHMEQ, the eutomer of DHMEQ , is a newly developed NF-kB inhibitor, inhibits nuclear factor kB activation with IC50 value of 20 ug/mL, the activity is stronger than (+)-DHMEQ (HY-14645A). Learn More
  6. Pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate ammonium

    Catalog No. A16306
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    NF-kB inhibitor
    Pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate ammonium is a selective NF-kB inhibitor, inhibits translation of nitric oxide synthase mRNA to prevent induction. Learn More
  7. Andrographolide

    Catalog No. A10077
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    Apoptosis Inducer
    Andrographolide is an interesting pharmacophore with anticancer and immunomodulatory activities and hence has the potential for being developed as a cancer therapeutic agent. Learn More
  8. Parthenolide ((-)-Parthenolide)

    Catalog No. A10698
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    Parthenolide ((-)-Parthenolide) is a sesquiterpene lactone which occurs naturally in the plant feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium). Learn More
  9. QNZ (EVP4593)

    Catalog No. A12748
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    NF-κB inhibitor
    QNZ inhibits the activation of the transcription factor NF-κB and has been used to investigate NF-κB signaling. Learn More
  10. Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester

    Catalog No. A13698
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    NF-κB activation inhibitor
    Caffeic acid phenethyl ester is a potent and specific inhibitor of NF-κB activation Learn More
  11. Dehydrocostus Lactone

    Catalog No. A14809
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    Dehydrocostus Lactone inhibits NF kappa B activation by preventing TNF-α induced degradation and phosphorylation. Learn More
  12. Tomatidine

    Catalog No. A16233
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    ERK/Akt/NF-kB inhibitor
    Tomatidine inhibits the phosphorylation of ERK, Akt, and the nuclear content of NF-kB. possess anti-inflammatory properties. Learn More
  13. Adjudin

    Catalog No. A16303
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    Adjudin is a drug which is under development as a potential non-hormonal male contraceptive drug, which acts by blocking the production of sperm in the testes, but without affecting testosterone production. Learn More
  14. CBL-0137

    Catalog No. A16836
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    p53 activator / NF-κB inhibitor
    CBL0137(CBL-0137) activates p53 and inhibits NF-kB with EC50s of 0.37 μM and 0.47 μM in the cell-based p53 and NF-kB reporter assays, respectively. It also inhibits histone chaperone FACT (facilitates chromatin transcription complex). Learn More
  15. Ac2-26

    Catalog No. A17205
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    NF-κB Inhibitor
    Ac2-26 is an active N-terminal peptide of annexin A1 (AnxA1). Learn More

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