Catalog No.Inhibitor Name SrcLckFynLynYesOther
Abl,c-Kit (D816V),c-Kit (wt)
EGFR (L861Q),c-YES,EGFR (L858R)
A16320Dasatinib Monohydrate
Abl ,c-Kit (D816V),c-Kit (wt)
A12417MLR 1023
c-Abl, CDK2, CAMK II
A13819TG 100801
A13820TG 100572
A13868PD 166285

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  1. KIN001-051

    Catalog No. A16923
    Lck inhibitor
    KIN001-051 is a potent and selective inhibitor of lck. Lymphocyte-speci?c protein tyrosine kinase (Lck) is a member of the Src-family of non-receptor protein tyrosine kinases and plays a critical role in the initial steps of T cell receptor signaling that trigger the production of cytokines. Learn More
  2. MLR 1023

    Catalog No. A12417
    MLR 1023 is a selective allosteric activator of Lyn kinase (EC50 = 63 nM) Learn More
  3. PP1

    Catalog No. A12724
    Src Inhibitor
    PP1 is a potent inhibitor of Src-family tyrosine kinases. Inhibits p56lck and p59fynT (IC50 values are 5 and 6 nM respectively). Displays > 8000-fold selectivity over ZAP-70 and JAK2. Also moderately inhibits p38, CSK, PDGF receptors, RET-derived oncoproteins, c-Kit and Bcr-Abl Learn More
  4. PP2

    Catalog No. A12723
    Src Inhibitor
    PP2 is a selective inhibitor of Src-family tyrosine kinases. Inhibits p56lck and p59fynT (IC50 values are 4 and 5 nM respectively). Displays > 10000-fold selectivity over ZAP-70 and JAK2. Moderately inhibits CSK (IC50 = 0.73 μM). Learn More
  5. XL-228

    Catalog No. A13069
    IGF-1R, Aurora, FGFR, ABL, SRC inhibitor
    XL228 is a protein kinase inhibitor targeting IGF1R, the AURORA kinases, FGFR1-3, ABL and SRC family kinases. XL228 is an Aurora A inhibitor (IC50, f3 nmol/L) that has shown potent biochemical activity against ABL1 (Ki, 5 nmol/L), as well as the BCR-ABL1 T315I (Ki, 1.4 nmol/L) kinases. Learn More
  6. 1-NA-PP1

    Catalog No. A13232
    Src Kinase inhibitor
    1-NA-PP1 is a selective inhibitor of v-Src and c-Fyn as well as c-Abl Learn More
  7. AMG-47a

    Catalog No. A13167
    Lck inhibitor
    AMG-47a is an orally bioavailable potent inhibitor of Lck and T cell proliferation. It exhibits anti-inflammatory activity (ED50 11 mg/kg) in the anti-CD3 induced production of IL-2 in mice. Learn More
  8. PP1 Analog II, 1NM-PP1

    Catalog No. A13573
    PP1 Analog II, 1NM-PP1 is a cell-permeable PP1 analog that acts as a potent and selective inhibitor of mutant kinases over their wild-type progenitors. Learn More
  9. CGP77675

    Catalog No. A13821
    Src inhibitor
    CGP77675 is a potent Src kinase inhibitor. CGP77675 inhibited phosphorylation of peptide substrates and autophosphorylation of purified Src (IC50: 5-20 and 40 nM, respectively). Learn More
  10. TG 100572

    Catalog No. A13820
    VEGFR2/Src inhibitor
    TG 100572 is VEGFR2 and Src kinase inhibitor. Learn More
  11. TG 100801

    Catalog No. A13819
    VEGFR2/Src inhibitor
    TG 100801 is a VEGFR2 targeting prodrug currently in a clinical trial. The active form is TG100572. Learn More
  12. A-419259

    Catalog No. A13290
    SFK inhibitor
    A-419259 is an inhibitor of Src family kinases (SFK) (IC50 = 0.1 - 0.3 uM). Learn More
  13. Lck Inhibitor

    Catalog No. A15140
    Lck Inhibitor
    Lck Inhibitor is a new class of compounds that are potent inhibitors of Lck with an IC50 value of 7 nM. Learn More
  14. Lck inhibitor 2

    Catalog No. A15141
    Lck inhibitor
    Lck inhibitor 2 is a bis-anilinopyrimidine inhibitor of tyrosine kinases including LCK, BTK, LYN, SYK, and TXK. The IC50 values are 13nM, 9nM, 3nM, 26nM and 2nM for Lck, Btk, Lyn, Btk and Txk respectively . Learn More
  15. Scutellarein

    Catalog No. A12234
    Scutellarin, a main active ingredient extracted from Erigeron breviscapus (Vant.) Hand-Mazz, has been wildly used to treat acute cerebral infarction and paralysis induced by cerebrovascular diseases. Learn More
  16. Tilfrinib

    Catalog No. A16086
    Brk inhibitor
    Tilfrinib is a potent and selective breast tumor kinase (Brk) inhibitor (IC50 = 3.15 nM). Learn More
  17. CPDA

    Catalog No. A16242
    SHIP2 inhibitor
    CPDA is a novel potent SHIP2 inhibitor that can effectively ameliorate insulin resistance in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Learn More
  18. Lyn-IN-1

    Catalog No. A16265
    dual Bcr-Abl/Lyn inhibitor
    Lyn-IN-1 is a potent and selective dual Bcr-Abl/Lyn inhibitor, extracted from patent WO2014169128A1. Learn More
  19. PP121

    Catalog No. A11207
    PI3K Inhibitor
    PP121 is a dual inhibitor of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) (IC50 < 0.02 μM for Abl, Src, VEGFR-2 and PDGFR) and PI 3-K family kinases (IC50 < 0.06 μM for p110α, DNA-PK and mTOR). Learn More
  20. KX2-391

    Catalog No. A11177
    Src inhibitor

    KX2-391 is a novel non-ATP competitive substrate-pocket directed SRC inhibitor.

    Learn More
  21. Quercetin (Sophoretin)

    Catalog No. A10766
    MAO-B inhibitor
    Quercetin inhibits many enzyme systems including tyrosine protein kinase, phospholipase A2, phosphodiesterases, mitochondrial ATPase, PI 3-kinase and protein kinase C. Learn More
  22. NVP-BHG712

    Catalog No. A10661
    EphB4 inhibitor
    NVP-BHG712 is a selective inhibitor of EphB4 kinase that exhibits selectivity for EphB4 over more than 40 other kinases in vitro, including FGFR3. Learn More
  23. Dasatinib (BMS-354825)

    Catalog No. A10290
    Abl-Src inhibitor
    Dasatinib (BMS-354825) is an oral multi- BCR/ABL and Src family tyrosine kinase inhibitor. The main targets of dasatinib, are BCR/ABL, Src, c-Kit, ephrin receptors, and several other tyrosine kinases, but not erbB kinases such as EGFR or Her2. Learn More
  24. Saracatinib (AZD0530)

    Catalog No. A10108
    Src/Abl inhibitor
    Saracatinib (AZD0530) is a highly selective, orally available, dual-specific Src/Abl kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 2.7 and 30 nM for c-Src and Abl kinase, respectively. Learn More
  25. TG 100572 HCl

    Catalog No. A15260
    VEGFR2/Src kinase inhibitor
    TG 100572 is a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor that inhibit select growth factor receptor tyrosine kinases and Src familt kinases with IC50 values of 2/7/2/1/0.5 nM for VEGFR1/VEGFR2/FGFR1/Src/Fyn kianse respectively. Learn More
  26. Dasatinib hydrochloride

    Catalog No. A15060
    Src inhibitor
    Dasatinib hydrochloride is a potent and dual Abl/ Src inhibitor IC50 of <1 nM/0.8 nM respectively; also inhibit c-Kit (WT)/c-Kit (D816V) with IC50 of 79 nM/37 nM. Learn More
  27. PD-166285

    Catalog No. A13868
    Src inhibitor
    PD 166285 is a potent inhibitor of the tyrosine kinases c-Src, Flg (fibroblast growth factor receptor 1, FGFR1). Learn More
  28. A419259

    Catalog No. A14323
    Src inhibitor
    A419259 trihydrochloride is an apoptosis inducing agent that inhibits Src family kinases (c-Src). Learn More
  29. WH 4-023

    Catalog No. A14117
    dual Lck/Src inhibitor
    WH-4-023 is a potent and selective dual Lck/Src inhibitor with IC50 of 2 nM/6 nM for Lck and Src kinase respectively. Learn More
  30. KX1-004

    Catalog No. A12214
    Src-PTK inhibitor
    KX1-004 is a potent small molecule inhibitor of Src-PTK as a potential protective drug for NIHL. Learn More
  31. SU6656

    Catalog No. A15518
    SRC inhibitor
    SU6656 is a selective inhibitor of Src kinases, Including Src, Yes, Lyn, and Fyn (IC50 = 280, 20, 130, 170 nM, respectively). Learn More
  32. KX2-391 2HCl

    Catalog No. A11471
    Src inhibitor
    KX2-391 2Hcl is the first clinical Src inhibitor (peptidomimetic class) that targets the peptide substrate site of Src, with GI50 of 9-60 nM in cancer cell lines. Learn More
  33. MCB-613

    Catalog No. A13415
    SRC stimulator
    MCB-613 is a potent, pan steroid receptor coactivator (SRC) stimulator. Learn More
  34. A-770041

    Catalog No. A11288
    Lck inhibitor
    A-770041 is selective and orally active Src-family Lck inhibitor; A-770041 is a 147 nM inhibitor of Lck (1 mM ATP) and is 300-fold selective against Fyn, the other Src family kinase involved in T-cell signaling. Learn More
  35. MNS

    Catalog No. A16240
    Src/Syk inhibitor
    MNS is a potent and selective inhibitor of Src and Syk tyrosine kinases. Learn More
  36. AZM475271

    Catalog No. A16241
    Src inhibitor
    AZM475271 is a potent and selective Src kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 5 nM; no inhibitory activity on Flt3, KDR, Tie-2. Learn More
  37. T338C Src-IN-1

    Catalog No. A16243
    Src inhibitor
    T338C Src-IN-1 is a potent mutant-Src T338C inhibitor; exhibited the most potent inhibition of T338C(IC50=111 nM) relative to WT c-Src (10-fold increase). Learn More
  38. T338C Src-IN-2

    Catalog No. A16244
    Src inhibitor
    T338C Src-IN-2 is a potent mutant c-Src T338C kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 317 nM; also inhibits T338C/V323A and T338C/V323S with IC50 of 57 nM/19 nM. Learn More
  39. Bosutinib (SKI-606)

    Catalog No. A10161
    Src inhibitor
    Bosutinib (SKI-606) is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor undergoing research for use in the treatment of cancer. Learn More

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