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Insulin Receptor,IGF-1R,STK22D
Insulin Receptor,IGF-1R,RSK1
A13450Brigatinib (AP26113)

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  1. PF-2341066 (Crizotinib)

    Catalog No. A10712
    ALK/ c-Met inhibitor
    PF-2341066 (Crizotinib) is an inhibitor of the c-Met kinase and the NPM-ALK. PF-2341066 inhibited cell proliferation in ALK-positive ALCL cells (IC50s=30 nM). Learn More
  2. LDK378 dihydrochloride

    Catalog No. A15142
    ALK inhibitor
    LDK378 dihydrochloride is potent inhibitor against ALK with IC50 of 0.2 nM, shows 40- and 35-fold selectivity against IGF-1R and InsR, respectively. Learn More
  3. ALK inhibitor 1

    Catalog No. A14987
    ALK inhibitor
    ALK inhibitor 1 is a novel and selective inhibitor for the ALK kinase. Learn More
  4. ALK inhibitor 2

    Catalog No. A14988
    ALK inhibitor
    ALK inhibitor 2 is a novel and selective inhibitor for the ALK kinase. Learn More
  5. CEP-37440

    Catalog No. A15543
    FAK/ALK inhibitor
    CEP-37440 is a novel potent and selective Dual FAK/ALK inhibitor with IC50 s of 2.3 nM (FAK) and 120 nM(ALK cellular IC50 in 75% human plasma). Learn More
  6. KRCA-0008

    Catalog No. A15511
    ACK1/ALK inhibitor
    KRCA-0008 is a potent and selective ALK/Ack1 inhibitor with IC50 of 12 nM/4 nM for ALK and Ack1 respectively; displays drug-like properties without hERG liability. Learn More
  7. Entrectinib

    Catalog No. A15801
    TRK, ROS1, ALK inhibitor
    Entrectinib, also known as RXDX-101 and NMS-E628, is an oral small molecule inhibitor of TrkA, TrkB and TrkC, as well as ROS1 and ALK, with high potency and selectivity. Learn More
  8. Brigatinib (AP26113)

    Catalog No. A13450
    ALK Inhibitor
    Brigatinib (AP26113) is a potent and selective ALK (IC50, 0.6 nM) and ROS1 (IC50, 0.9 nM) inhibitor. It also inhibits ROS1, FLT3, and mutant variants of FLT3 (D835Y) and EGFR with lower potentcy. Learn More
  9. Crizotinib hydrochloride

    Catalog No. A16245
    c-Met/NPM-ALK inhibitor
    Crizotinib is inhibitor of the c-Met kinase and the NPM-ALK. Learn More
  10. WZ4003

    Catalog No. A14312
    NUAK kinase inhibitor
    WZ4003 is a highly specific NUAK kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 20 nM and 100 nM for NUAK1 and NUAK2 Learn More
  11. PF-06463922

    Catalog No. A14207
    ALK inhibitor
    PF-06463922 is a potent, dual ALK/ROS1 inhibitor with Ki of <0.02 nM, <0.07 nM, and 0.7 nM for ROS1, ALK (WT), and ALK (L1196M), respectively. Learn More
  12. TAE684

    Catalog No. A10662
    ALK Inhibitor
    TAE684 is a inhibitor of ALK and also a potent inhibitor of LRRK2 kinase activity (IC(50) of 7.8nM against wild-type LRRK2, 6.1nM against the G2019S mutant). Learn More
  13. GSK1838705A

    Catalog No. A11175
    IGF-1R Inhibitor

    GSK1838705A is a small-molecule kinase inhibitor that inhibits IGF-IR and the insulin receptor with IC50s of 2.0 and 1.6 nmol/L, respectively.

    Learn More
  14. CH5424802

    Catalog No. A11134
    ALK Inhibitor
    CH5424802 is a potent, selective, and orally available ALK inhibitor with a unique chemical scaffold, showing preferential antitumor activity against cancers with gene alterations of ALK. Learn More
  15. ASP3026

    Catalog No. A11773
    ALK inhibitor
    ASP3026 is a novel and selective inhibitor for the ALK kinase. ASP3026 potently inhibited ALK kinase activity and was more selective than crizotinib in a Tyr-kinase panel. Learn More
  16. ALK inhibitor
    AP26113 is an orally-available, potent, and selective inhibitor of ALK with a potency of 0.62 nM against wild-type and activity against a wide range of mutants, including the crizotinib-resistant L1196M line. In a panel of EML4-ALK or NPM-ALK-positive cell lines, AP26113 has IC50 values of 4-31 nM. [1][2] AP26113 is effective against sensitive and resistant H3122 cells, reducing cell growth, suppressing ALK phosphorylation, and inducing apoptosis. In Ba/F3 cells expressing native or mutant EML4-ALK, AP26113 was active at IC50s of 10 and 24 nM, respectively. [3] Learn More
  17. LDK-378

    Catalog No. A13238
    ALK Inhibitor
    LDK378 is a highly selective, orally bioavailable and ATP-competitive small molecule inhibitor of ALK (Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase), a receptor tyrosine kinase considered to be an important lung cancer drug target. Learn More
  18. AZD3463

    Catalog No. A13065
    ALK/IGF1R inhibitor
    AZD-3463 is a ALK/IGF1R inhibitor. Learn More
  19. CEP-28122

    Catalog No. A13744
    ALK inhibitor
    CEP-28122 is a highly potent and selective orally active inhibitor of anaplastic lymphoma kinase with antitumor activity in experimental models of human cancers. Learn More
  20. HG-14-10-04

    Catalog No. A16267
    ALK inhibitor
    HG-14-10-04 is a potent and specific ALK inhibitor with IC50 of 20 nM. Learn More

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